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The CEMS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) working group is a group of students, postdocs, staff and faculty working that is charged with driving efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive department. More information about these initiatives can be found on the Climate, Diversity, and Outreach pages. Much of the work is done collaboratively with CEMS Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR) Group.

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CEMS DEI Working Group Event Highlights

  • August 2021: CEMS Climate Survey
  • April 2021: Michelle Quan, CEMS DEI Working Group member, facilitated a workshop on "Confronting Anti-Asian Racism" and coordinated a panel discussion, which included CEMS faculty, staff, postodocs, graduate students and undergraduate students.
  • January & April 2021: Stef Jarvi, OED Education Director, facilitated faculty/staff workshops on "My Role in the Work of DEI" and "Navigating Challenging Conversations."
  • August 2020: CEMS Listening Session for Graduate Students, Undergraduates, Postdocs, and Staff
  • August 2020: CEMS Climate Survey


  • Co-Chair: Alon McCormick - Faculty
  • Co-Chair: Marisa Bazzi - Graduate Student
  • Spencer Bingham - Graduate Student
  • Cari Dutcher - Faculty
  • Phil Engen - Staff
  • Gabby Diaz Gorbea - Graduate Student
  • Kacey Gregerson - Staff
  • Ben Hackel - Faculty
  • Kim Kosto - Faculty
  • Dan McDonald - Staff
  • Michelle Quan - Undergraduate Student
  • Anisha Veeren - Post-doctoral Associate
  • Amy Wesolowski - Undergraduate Student