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The CEMS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group has undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoc, staff and faculty members who are appointed by the Department Head, tasked to pursue efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive department. Much of the work is done collaboratively with CEMS Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR) Group.

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CEMS DEI Working Group Event Highlights

  • STEM Stories video series
  • Gopher Equity Project is a DEI module provided to all CEMS instructors and teaching assistants.
  • Participated in the 16th annual kickoff event for the Louis Stokes North Star STEM Alliance.
  • CEMS faculty members building relationships with minority-serving institutions through in-person visits and offering department seminars.


  • Co-Chair: Alon McCormick - Faculty
  • Co-Chair: Grace Kresge - Graduate Student
  • Natalie Boehnke - Faculty
  • Sophie Brauer - Graduate Student
  • Cari Dutcher - Faculty
  • Phil Engen - Staff
  • Shannon Flanary - Graduate Student
  • Kacey Gregerson - Staff
  • Ben Hackel - Faculty
  • Ashlie Hamilton - Undergraduate Student
  • Kim Kosto - Faculty
  • Daniel Krajovic - Graduate student
  • Dan McDonald - Staff
  • Dave Morse - Faculty
  • Nileena Nandakumaran - Postdoc
  • Cristian Pina - Undergraduate Student
  • Maya Ramamurthy - Graduate Student
  • Juma Waganda - Undergraduate Student