Rheological Measurements Short Course

Testimonials from past participants

  • "Excellent course on rheology. This course will be immensely helpful to my work. Thank you!"
  • "Overall it was a great course; a large number of rheological behaviors were introduced."
  • "Huge improvement in my intuitive understanding of rheology- specifically in interpreting data."

Course description

This biennial course features lectures by world leading experts, on topics that will interest both industry and academia. It also offers hands-on experience on rheometers where the participants will perform experiments and gain practical insights into the science of rheological measurements.

This intensive short course is designed to give practicing engineers and chemists an understanding of rheology fundamentals, principles of measurements, and applications to problem solving. Extensive course notes will be provided to the participants. In addition to classroom lectures, we will also have lab sessions where the participants will work in small groups with commercial rheometers. These will provide an environment in which the students are exposed to the most important types of rheometers and measurement techniques. The lab sessions and problem solving sessions are designed to emphasize optimal instrumental techniques, data reduction and interpretation, and case study applications. Some of the applications included in the course are: polymer solutions and melts, dispersions, suspensions, gels, foods, colloids, crosslinking systems, biological/biomedical, and process flow applications.

In addition to the extensive course notes, attendees may wish to get a copy of Prof. Macosko’s seminal textbook: "Rheology: Principles, Measurements and Applications".

The course is four and a half days: Mon - Thu 8:00 AM-5:00 PM; Fri 8:30 AM-12:00. With optional math review on Sun 6:00-8:00 PM. 

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Start date
Monday, Aug. 19, 2024, 8 a.m.
End date
Friday, Aug. 23, 2024, Noon

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus