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CEMS Giving Opportunities

By making a gift to CEMS, you will help educate and empower future generations of leaders, invest in exceptional and enterprising professors, and maintain and build upon our history of excellence. Please consider supporting CEMS through one of the funds listed below or contact Courtney Billing (612.626.9501), Director of CEMS External Relations, to learn more about ways to make a meaningful difference in CEMS.

Undergraduate Scholarships

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CEMS endowed scholarship funds and new gifts from alumni and friends provided crucial support to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in chemical engineering and materials science. With higher education costs on the rise and with students facing an uncertain future, the need for departmental scholarship support continues to grow.

To learn more, please contact Courtney Billing.

Graduate Fellowships

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Thanks to the exceptional generosity of alumni and friends of CEMS, the Department’s successful “Campaign FIRST” effort ensures that all first-year graduate students are supported with fellowship funding. The need to support graduate fellowships is ongoing, in order to attract the world’s brightest graduate students and remain competitive with other institutions that offer generous aid. 

To learn more, please contact Courtney Billing.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

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CEMS faculty make extraordinary contributions in both the lab and classroom, advancing research discoveries and training the next generation of engineers, scientists, and academics. Philanthropic support helps our enterprising scholars to take risks and explore innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems in energy, the environment, and human health. You can help give the Department a competitive edge in recruiting new faculty and retaining accomplished faculty by establishing research funds, professorships, and chairs.

To learn how you can contribute toward existing professorships or chairs, or to create a lasting legacy in CEMS by establishing a new professorship or chair, please contact Courtney Billing.

Strategic Initiatives

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Please consider making a gift in support of the following Strategic Initiatives funds. To learn about additional giving opportunities, please contact Courtney Billing.