Graduate Opportunities

Female Student In Lab

Graduate Student Committee (GSC)

Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is a closed group of students (2 members per class) who act as liaisons between the students and the department administration. Their main function is to provide a safe, positive, and fulfilling environment for students. They often work behind the scenes to enhance the department by creating programs or events.

Events Organizing Committee (EVOC)

Events Organizing Committee (EVOC) within CEMS is different that the university-wide EVOC. The CEMS-EVOC is an open group of students who aim to provide social and informative interactions within the graduate students in CEMS. In particular, these include the first year adviser selection panel, second year orals panel, and career workshops. In addition, EVOC provides the funding for food during round table. EVOC is open to anyone to help with these events if you are interested in getting involved.

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CEMS Women's Group

CEMS Women's Group is a collaborative effort by CEMS women and non-binary folks to advance gender equity within our department through cooperative relationships and build connections with professional women and non-binary folks in science and engineering who are currently working in industry, academia, government agencies, or national labs. Events include guest speakers, group discussions, and outreach opportunities. We seek new leadership at the end of each school year, and we actively encourage female and non-binary graduate students and postdocs to engage in and lead Women's Group events throughout the year.

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Materials Research Society (MRS)

The UMN Chapter of the Materials Research Society (MRS) furthers graduate-level materials research in CEMS. In particular, MRS actively collaborates with CEMS Women's Group and CEMS EVOC to coordinate the Professional Development luncheon seminars hosted 2-4 times per semester, co-sponsors a fall social event with CEMS graduate students and industrial recruiters from the Career Fair, facilitates student conference travel via travel grants, and organizes meetings between graduate students and industry recruiters.

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