Carba, co-founded by Paul Dauenhauer & Andrew Jones, wins 2023 MN Cup Grand Prize

A Minnesota-based startup company, Carba, co-founded by Dr. Andrew Jones (ChE, Chem '09) and CEMS Professor Paul Dauenhauer, was recently awarded the $50,000 Grand Prize at the 2023 MN Cup. The MN Cup is a statewide startup competition that allows entrepreneurs to creatively address a wide range of societal challenges - including mobility, environment, public safety, education, health care and robotics. The annual competition connects emerging entrepreneurs with education, mentorship and support to launch and accelerate the development of their new ventures. 
The pool of applicants in the 2023 MN Cup was the largest and most diverse in the 19-year history of the competition. Carba was competing against eight other MN Cup Division winners for the top prize. Carba reached the finale by winning the "energy, cleantech, and water" division. As a Division winner, Carba claimed a $25,000 prize.
Using the power of photosynthesis, evolution, and reactor engineering, Carba's scientists and engineers have discovered and developed a process that can seamlessly scale to reach climate goals, permanently. They use plants to suck carbon dioxide out of the air and convert their waste to a recalcitrant solid carbon. Then, they sequester the carbon underground to stabilize it for thousands (possibly millions) of years.
Congratulations Andrew and Paul!