CEMS postdoc Raisa Carmen Andeme Ela selected for a 2022-23 Mistletoe Research Fellowship

Dr. Raisa Carmen Andeme Ela, a postdoctoral scholar in Professor Paul Dauenhauer’s research group, has been selected for a 2022-23 Mistletoe Research Fellowship (MRF) from the Momental Foundation. Launched in 2018, the MRF is a professional development program that awards research grants to postdoctoral fellows and advanced PhD candidates to provide an opportunity to collaborate with startups with a high potential for social and humanitarian impact.

Ela is among 32 fellows awarded for 2022-23, from a competitive pool of over 430 candidates from 13 university partners in the United States and Singapore.

As part of the fellowship, Ela will attend an upcoming workshop in December 2022, receive a $10,000 Unfettered Research Grant, and participate in the MRF Startup Collaboration to engage in scientific collaboration. The research she will be conducting is on designing sustainable catalytic systems for the synthesis of renewable hydrocarbons from lignocellulosic biomass. 

Congratulations Dr. Ela!