Paulina Eberts claims second place at 2023 Midwest Association of Graduate Schools Three-Minute Thesis Competition

After winning both the First Place and People's Choice Awards at the University of Minnesota's 2022 Three-Minute Thesis Competition, CEMS graduate student Paulina Eberts represented the University at the 2023 Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) regional competition on March 31, 2023 in Chicago, placing second out of 50 participants for her presentation, "Decoding blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease."

The first and second place winners will represent MAGS at the national Council of Graduate School competition on December 6-9, 2023 in Washington D.C.

The Three-Minute Thesis Competition challenges graduate students to present their research in just 180 seconds, in a way that can be understood by an intelligent audience with no background in the subject. This competition helps graduate students develop presentation and communication skills; the benefits of preparing for a three-minute thesis competition are valuable regardless of career path, degree objective, or discipline. Participants are allowed to refer to one, static slide during their presentations, but may not use any other props or media.