Professor Aditya Bhan named 2023 Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Professor Aditya Bhan is among nine honorees named as 2023 Distinguished McKnight University Professors. The program recognizes the most distinguished and highest-achieving mid-career faculty who have recently attained full professor status—especially those who have made significant advances in their careers at the University of Minnesota, whose work and reputation are identified with the University, and whose accomplishments have brought great renown and prestige to Minnesota. Recipients hold the title “Distinguished McKnight University Professor” for as long as they remain employed at the University of Minnesota and receive a grant of $120,000 over five years to be used for research and scholarly activities.
Bhan's research focuses on catalysis for energy conversion and sustainability in a manner that exploits catalytic chemistry to control and facilitate new reaction pathways for synthesis of fuels and chemicals from low carbon-intensity feedstocks. Bhan’s scholarship is grounded in fundamentals of mechanistic understanding, detailed chemical kinetics, and quantitative mathematical description of reaction systems as they exist in realistic and complex reaction environments.