Professor Paul Dauenhauer named 2024 Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Chemical Engineering & Materials Science professor Paul Dauenhauer has been awarded the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship. This program recognizes outstanding faculty members who have recently achieved full professor status. Recipients hold the title “Distinguished McKnight University Professor” for as long as they remain employed at the University of Minnesota.

Below is an excerpt about Paul Dauenhauer research titled, Catalysis for Sustainable Energy and Materials:

"Producing energy with limited impact on the environment is a leading challenge for engineers in the 21st century. Paul Dauenhauer’s research uses catalysts to control and optimize reactions to convert water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to manufacture carbon-neutral fuels, materials including biodegradable plastics, carbon-sequestering solids, and liquid hydrogen carriers such as ammonia. Transformational reactions and catalytic materials are designed using mechanistic insight, fundamental chemical kinetics, and quantitative mathematical modeling of catalytic systems."

Congratulations Paul Dauenhauer!

To learn more about the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship, visit this University website.