New CSCI courses (2081, 3041, 3061): What are they and how can they be used?

Three new CSCI course options (CSCI 2081, 3041, & 3061) were created for the new CSE Data Science B.S. program. These courses may be great options to consider for students pursuing the computer science minor or just wanting a few more CSCI courses as electives. The information below should help you determine if you’d like to change your schedule for the fall semester.

General information

  • These new options do not work for our Computer Science B.A. or Computer Science B.S. curriculum so please disregard this message if you’re planning on pursuing a major program in computer science.
  • These courses will likely have smaller class sizes compared to other CSCI courses counting towards the CSCI major.
  • These courses move through topics more quickly and students will get a broader (but less deep) exposure to computer science in fewer courses.
  • These courses allow data science majors and computer science minor students to get to many advanced CSCI elective courses sooner compared to taking courses counting towards the CSCI major.
  • Any additional questions that you may have can be directed to (intended or declared computer science minor students) or (intended data science B.S. students).