Undergraduate curriculum

The data science bachelor's degree has a strong foundation in math and science partnered with the University of Minnesota's liberal education requirements, specifically:

  • Required data science classes: These classes provide a solid foundation in computer science, math, and statistics. 
  • Upper division major electives: Students can take approved courses from the following departments: computer science, electrical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, math, and statistics.
  • Free electives: These allow students to study other topics that interest them, to get a minor, to do interdisciplinary work, or to take additional related courses to attain greater depth or breadth.
  • Liberal education requirements: These university-wide requirements ensure a student has a broad education covering a number of different areas.

Please note

  • Data science majors cannot pursue a computer science minor.
  • Students who wish to double major in computer science and data science should apply to computer science first. They can apply to data science the following semester if admitted to computer science.