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D grade policy petition option

An Academic Policy Petition requesting to waive a requirement due to a D or D+ for a major class can be considered except for core major requirements (Math 2374/2263, CSCI 2033, 3041, 3061, 4707/5707, 5521/5523/STAT 4052, STAT 3301, 4051, 5101/Math 5651, 5102, IE 3013, 5533, WRIT 3562W, DSCI 4093).

Recommendation for approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies is required for the Academic Policy Petition prior to submitting it to the college office. 

Liberal education and other college or university requirements must be passed with a 'D' or an 'S' grade.

Undergraduate curricular and optional practical training (CPT)

This page contains information for undergraduate students pursuing Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Graduate students should review this CPT page instead.

International students admitted to our undergraduate computer science programs in CLA and CSE and the data science program in CSE who are interested in working off-campus must complete specific paperwork with a CS&E Advisor and the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office to work legally.

Students should take the following steps to get set up for CPT (for more details on CPT go to this ISSS website):

  1. Receive a job offer
  2. Students should complete the CPT online workshop on MyISSS.
  3. Students should meet a CS&E Advisor via drop-in advising or an appointment. Students will need to bring the Course Instructor Verification Form and their offer letter for employment with them to the advisor meeting.
    1. The CS&E Advisor will complete the Course Instructor Verification Form for the CPT application.
    2. The CSE&E Advisor will email the student a permission number to add CSCI 5996 to a future semester and instructions on writing a paper to receive credit for CSCI  5996.
  4. Students should register for CSCI 5996 online using the permission number emailed to them (must be registered before submitting paperwork to ISSS).
  5. Students complete all three sections of the CPT Request in MyISSS.
    1. Upload CPT supporting documents
    2. Enter CPT employment details
    3. Submit a CPT request to the advisor you met with to complete step 3 above.

CSCI 5996 is a one-credit course taken pass/fail, which will only count for credits towards the 120 credit minimum needed to graduate. CSCI 5996 will not count for major requirements in the BS and BA programs. CSCI 5997 will be used for any CPT extension requests since CSCI 5996 cannot be added to the same semester twice.

B.S. degree requirements

Application to program

Admission to a major in the College of Science and Engineering is a competitive process based on the successful completion of specific technical courses and a grade point average (GPA) based on technical courses (the technical GPA).

Students who have completed the necessary technical courses and have a 3.2 or above technical GPA at the end of fall semester will be guaranteed admission to that major. All other students who have completed the necessary technical coursework for their intended major (as identified by each department) will be considered for admission to that major on a space-available basis.

The demand for computer science education at the University has been increasing for over a decade, and it has outpaced the University's investment in our instructional capacity. Therefore, the Department is being forced to impose stricter limits on admission to the major at least for the near future. Learn more about these changes and suggested next steps.

The College of Science and Engineering website has more information on applying to your major as a CSE student.

Students should be careful to follow the steps and deadlines listed on the B.S. program application page.