Degree completion and graduation steps

Students reaching their final semester in the program should follow the degree completion steps as referenced on the One Stop Student Services page. Students in our programs follow the steps listed under the Graduate Degree Plan (GDP) section.

Please note your GDP needs to be processed in order to gain access to the remainder of the forms detailed in the degree completion steps checklist.

Download the step-by-step degree completion checklist for the Data Science M.S.

Important notes

  • All students in the Data Science M.S. program are Plan B students.  Plan A and C are not options.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate students will only need to follow the steps detailed in the Degree Completion Steps checklist on One Stop Student Service's website. 
  • The oral exam requirement for the Data Science M.S. is satisfied through participation in the annual Data Science Poster Fair. A formal presentation to your faculty committee is not necessary, and the committee will only review and assess the written Plan B project report. This is a unique feature of our program and is different from many M.S. Plan B programs at the University of Minnesota.
  • Plan B Masters students will initially receive an "I" grade for their Plan B Project course. Once a student has completed their project, including participation in the annual poster fair and receiving a "pass" on their written report, they will need to connect with the Director of Graduate Studies to update their grade. A final grade must be recorded by the last business day of the month in which a student applied to graduate.