Alfred O. C. Nier Scholarship

Alfred O.C. Nier

The Nier Scholarship recognizes exceptional achievement in academic work, research, or both. At least one letter of recommendation is required. Both Physics and Astrophysics majors are eligible for this scholarship.

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2021 Nier Scholarship Recipient

2021 Nier Scholarship recipients
Sauviz Alaei

Sauviz is from Eagan, MN. plan to use the money to cover academic expenses and support my research. He is currently focused on condensed matter research in Professor Dahlberg's lab.

Kayla Lehtola
Kayla is from Corcoran, MN. The award money/scholarship will be used to supplement my tuition and school expenses which will provide her an opportunity to spend more time focusing on her senior thesis and final year of classes. She is working on a thesis project related to magnetorheological fluids with Professor Dahlberg.


2020 Nier Scholarship Recipient

2020 Nier Scholarship Recipient
Amanda Gatto Lamas

Amanda is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She is a junior studying Physics with a Math minor. Here in Minnesota, she has worked in the SmallSat Research Laboratory for a year, part of the team that tested and characterized SOCRATES's detector. She is also currently interested in quantum nonlocality, the topic of her MXP2 project, and quantum information, which she will explore in a REU this summer. The award will be a great aid in paying for tuition next year, which will help her afford applying to more graduate schools.

2019 Nier Scholarship Recipients

2019 Nier Scholarship Recipients
Michael Laraia
Yuka Nakato

University of Minnesota Honors Student - Class of '20