Anita Sue Kolman and Marvin L. Marshak Scholarship

Physics and Nanotechnology Building

In honor of Professor Marvin Marshak and his wife, Anita Kolman, the scholarship provides financial support for undergraduate students in good academic standing working towards a degree in physics or astrophysics (any year). Usable during any term, including summer.

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2023 Marshak Scholarship recipients

Giulia-Maria Bulugean and ​​​​Alina Kaliszewski, 2023 Marshak Scholarship recipients

Giulia-Maria Bulugean
"I am originally from Craiova, Romania and I moved to the US about three years ago when I started college, but my whole family lives in Romania. I’m currently doing research in Particle Physics, with an emphasize on Dark Matter, but also Cosmology and I recently started doing some research also in Microgravity."

Ali Elhandi

​​​​Alina Kaliszewski
Alina is originally from Rochester MN. Her current area of research interest is anomalous Active Galactic Nucleus galaxies, but I hope to eventually pursue a career in Optics.

2022 Marshak Scholarship recipients

2022 Marshak Scholarship: Catelyn Matchefts

Catelyn Matchefts
Catelyn is originally from the Twin Cities. She plans to use the scholarship money to help pay for the cost of education. "I'm a first-year student pursuing a degree in astrophysics. My areas of interest are currently very broad, so I'm not doing any research yet."

Ben Trantrow

2021 Marshak Scholarship recipients

Marshak Scholarship

Jackson Timm
Jackson is from Lindstrom, Minnesota. He plans to use the scholarship money for future tuition expenses. He is currently working in a lab that focuses on particle physics and the engineering that goes into the building a of particle physics detector.