Basford Family Scholarship

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Endowed by Dr. Basford, a Ph.D. alumnus of the School and a physician at the Mayo Clinic who has done research in central neurological rehabilitation and the physiological effects of physical agents like electromagnetic fields, this fund provides financial support to full-time, undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Physics and Astronomy (SPA) in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) studying physics who demonstrate financial need and academic merit who are United States citizens, permanent residents of the United States, or in the United States lawfully on a non-temporary basis. Preference will be given for students involved in undergraduate research.

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2023 Basford Scholarship Recipients

Shardul Rao, Basford Scholarship reipients
Shardul Rao: Shardul is originally from Blaine, MN and his area of research interest is high energy experimental physics




2022 Basford Scholarship Recipients

William Cho
William Cho: William is originally from Woodbury, MN. His area of research interest is quantum computing and nano-optics. He plans to use the award money for "summer tuition and crypto."




2021 Basford Scholarship Recipients

Basford Scholarship 2021: Moosa Kahn and Meredith Wieber
Moosa Khan
Moosa is from Plymouth, Minnesota. He plans to use the award money/scholarship to further my academic and research career as a physics student. "I'm beginning to focus on Solid State Physics, as I've gained an opportunity to do research in this field and it's a very applicable field with lots of potential in the near future."
Meredith Wieber
Meredith originally from Faribault, MN. She plans to use the scholarship money to support the preliminary work she will be doing on my astrophysics senior thesis this summer. Her research interests include observational astronomy as well as astrophysical instrumentation.

2020 Basford Scholarship Recipients

2020 Basford Scholarship Recipients
Joseph Dill

Joe is originally from Mendota Hights, MN. He plans to use the award money to fund research for his honors senior thesis. His research is in Experimental solid-state physics and he with Prof. Paul Crowell's group.

Jack Zwettler

Jack is originally from from Eden Prairie, MN. His area of focus is in high-temperature superconductivity through Prof. Martin Greven’s laboratory. With the contribution of the Basford scholarship, he plans to continue focusing on the high-temperature cuprate Hg1201 (HgBa2CuO4+) both in crystal synthesis and analysis. This work aims to determine qualities of treated crystals as it relates to chemical composition, charge transport, and magnetization in the sustained effort to understand high-temperature superconductivity. It is also possible that he will expand his area of focus to include other high-temperature superconductors such as other cuprates.

Benjamin Leiran

Benjamin is originally from Eagan, MN. He plans to use the award money is to seek out a research project that allows him to gain experience working with plasma or high energy theory. "As I'm still very much learning the basics, this project will no doubt involve a lot of getting up to speed, but with the financial support I'll be able to feel secure in investing my time into the project without feeling the need to work a different job," Benjamin says. His area of research is space physics, working with Prof. Cattell's Parker Solar Probe data. His current research focuses on understanding the processes in and around the sun that generate radio bursts.

2019 Basford Scholarship Recipients

2019 Basford Scholarship Recipients
Tobey Haluptzok

Tobey is originally from Blackduck, MN, a small rural town about 4 hours north of the Twin Cities. Tobey is interested in medical physics and biomedical imaging, specifically high B field MRI imaging, optical coherence tomography, and fluorescence.

Jacob Nelson