Workshop: Scientific Ballooning Technologies

2023 Ballooning Technologies Workshop

Following on the successful format of the last four workshops, the scope of the 2023 workshop includes (but is not limited to) gondola design, experiment-wide data acquisition and control systems, attitude control systems, on-board control software both for the attitude control and for the entire experiment, on-board computer hardware, power systems, telemetry systems, and thermal design and control.

This workshop should be particularly appealing for those who are designing and building hardware, and those interested in synergies between the activities of different ballooning groups. It is intended to provide an opportunity for all hands-on ballooning practitioners, from graduate students to senior investigators, to discuss the technologies we are all using to carry out our scientific investigations. 

For a better idea of the content expected at this event, please check out the previous workshops and presentations, available under the Past Events tab.

Wednesday, 5/17/2023, Times are CST Topic / Title      
    Chair:   Wednesday Morning 1 - Agency Reviews Presenter Affiliation Abstract
    0:50 8:00 8:50 Breakfast      
    0:10 8:50 9:00 Opening Remarks Hanany UMN None
    0:20 9:00 9:20 NASA Scientific Balloon Program, HQ Perspective Hams NASA HQ Abstract Link
    0:20 9:20 9:40 Updates from the NASA Balloon Program Office Roth BPO Abstract Link
    0:15 9:40 9:55 NASA's Balloon Working Group Kogut Goddard Abstract Link
    0:15 9:55 10:10 BPIRT update Jones Princeton To Be Posted
    0:20 10:10 10:30 Break      
    Chair:   Wednesday Morning 2 - Multi-Purpose Platforms Presenter Affiliation Abstract
    0:20 10:30 10:50 An update of the CNES stratospheric balloon projects Dubourg CNES Abstract Link
    0:20 10:50 11:10 NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program: Leveraging Flight Tests with Commercial Flight Providers to Advance Science and Technology deLeon

NASA Flight Opportunities

Abstract Link
    0:20 11:10 11:30 Panel (Young moderates): GHAPS (Tibor Kremic), BLAST (Erin Cox), SuperBit (Bill Jones), HASP (Chris Groppi/ASU), ESBO (Maier); Laflamme (CSA)  
    0:20 11:30 11:50  
    0:10 11:50 12:00  
    1:10 12:00 13:10 Lunch Break      
    Chair:   Wednesday afternoon 1 - Flight Programs Presenter Affiliation Abstract
    0:20 13:10 13:30 Developing GUSTO within the Explorer program Walker UArizona Abstract Link
    0:20 13:30 13:50 Developing PUEO within the Pioneer program Vieregg UChicago Abstract Link
    0:15 13:50 14:10 What's new in Timmins Vincent CSA Abstract Link
    0:15 14:10 14:25 Esrange Space Center for Scientific Balloning Abrahamsson SSC Abstract Link
    0:20 14:25 14:45 Opportunities for Middle to Lower Stratosphere Flights Smith Aerostar Abstract Link
    0:30 14:45 15:15 Break + Posters      
    Chair:   Wednesday afternoon 2 - Atmosphere Presenter Affiliation Abstract
    0:20 15:15 15:35 Polar Mesospheric Clouds - potential problems and opportunities for polar balloon experiments Kjellstrand ASU Abstract Link
    0:20 15:35 15:55 Radiative Consideration of Earth’s Stratosphere Modeled with MODTRAN and SAMM Corlies Spectral Sciences Abstract Link
    0:20 15:55 16:15 A Study on the Effects of Ambient Radiation on COTS Balloon-borne Instrumentation Romualdez StarSpec Abstract Link
    0:20 16:15 16:35 The effects of atmospheric scattering on balloon-borne X-ray/gamma-ray observations Shih Goddard Abstract Link
    0:20 16:35 16:55 An update on a balloon Trajectory Control System (TCS) for NASA standard balloons Yoder BPO Abstract Link
    0:40 16:55 17:35 Summary + Discussion (Moderator: Kierans)
Start date
Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 8 a.m.
End date
Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 5:30 p.m.

The workshop will be held  Keller Hall rooms 3-180 and 3-176, 200 Union Street, Minneapolis, MN.