Hagstrum Award

Physics and Nanotechnology Building

The Hagstrum Award recognizes overall excellence and future promise in a graduating senior. At least one letter of recommendation is required. Physics majors are eligible for this award; Astrophysics majors are not.

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2023 Hagstrum Award Recipients

Kate Hildebrandt and Mason Huberty, Hagstrum Award recipients

Kate Hildebrandt

Mason Huberty
Mason is from Fridley, Minnesota. His area of research interest is in astrophysics, specifically in the physics of galaxy dynamics and evolution.




2022 Hagstrum Award Recipients

Sauviz Alaei, Kayla Lehtola, Jack Zwettler

Sauviz Alaei
Sauviz is originally from Eagan, Minnesota. "The award will offset the cost of relocation to California, where I will pursue a PhD in physics at Stanford in experimental condensed matter physics."

Kayla Lehtola
Kayla is originally from Corcoran, Minnesota. "The award will support my work in graduate school, studying materials science.

Jack Zwettler

Jack is originally Eden Prairie, Minnesota. "I am using the award money for graduate school, which I am starting this upcoming fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to study condensed matter physics."



2021 Hagstrum Award Recipients

2021 Hagstrum Award
Justyn Fine
Justyn is from Shorewood, MN, but was born in Janesville, WI. He plans to use the scholarship to support my finances as I settle in to Baltimore to work towards a Ph.D. through Johns Hopkins University. His area of interest is Biophysics.
Amanda Gatto-Lamas
She plans to use the scholarship to assist her in graduate school at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, where she will pursue quantum information theory. She is interested in how quantum information tools can be applied to condensed matter and other fields of physics. Ultimately, she hopes to become a professor in a research university Quantum information theory.
Sylvia Griffitt
Sylvia is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She will be putting the scholarship toward living expenses while she continues research this summer. Her research is focused on bismuthate superconductors.
Anthony Hurben
Anthony is from Bloomington, Minnesota. He plans on using the stipend for moving expenses when he moves to Connecticut to pursue a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Yale. "I am interested in experimental condensed matter physics. I currently work on spintronics and I am planning to move towards artificial spin ice and nanomagnetism in graduate school."
William Pannell
William is from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He is planning on using the scholarship to further his education at graduate school. He is nterested in high energy theory, and currently focused on the numerics of a vortex model of dense QCD.
Thomas Richardson

Thomas originally from Hull, England, and I moved to MN in 2014. He will use the scholarship to get a headstart in research at grad school. His research is in condensed matter experiment.

Rory Spanier
Rory is from Sartell, MN. He plans to use the money to help pursue a masters degree in data science. His research is focused primarily on the intersection of physics and data science.


2020 Hagstrum Award Recipient

2020 Hagstrum Award Recipient
Tobey Haluptzok

Tobey is originally from Blackduck, MN, a small rural town about 4 hours north of the Twin Cities. He plans on using this award to help fund his future academic interests. Tobey is most interested in medical physics and biomedical imaging; specifically high B field MRI imaging, optical coherence tomography, and fluorescence.

2019 Hagstrum Award Recipients

2019 Hagstrum Award Recipients
Aaron Breidenbach
Ryan Quinn
Lance Davis

Lance is from Zimmerman, MN. He plans to put the award money towards the cost of moving from Minneapolis to New Hampshire. He worked with Professor Cindy Cattell on solar wind shock waves and with Professor Lindsay Glesener on the FOXSI III sounding rocket mission.