Hazel V. Swanson Scholarship

Goldy getting ready for the eclipse at the Tate Observatory

Provides financial assistance to qualified undergraduate students majoring in Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy. It recognizes the importance of astrophysics as a core science and aims to encourage capable and motivated students to pursue careers in this discipline.

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2021 Swanson Scholarship Recipients

2021 Swanson
Noelle Feist
Noelle is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. "While it's a boring answer, I'll use the money to pay for rent and tuition so that I can really focus on my studies and looking for student groups and research positions instead of finding a job. I'm really interested in big, dense things in space, like black holes and neutron stars! Anything that breaks our current understanding of the universe is something that I want to explore. Currently I am doing research relating to gravitational waves, and it has been fantastic!"
Mason Hubert
Mason is from Fridley, Minnesota. His plans for the award are to use it to help pay for tuition or any other research opportunities that he could be fortunate enough to be involved with. Mason is focused primarily on astrophysics, but has many other interests in other areas of physics as well.

2020 Swanson Scholarship Recipients

2020 Swanson Scholarship Recipients
Daniel Urbanski

Dan is from Little Falls, MN. He intends to use this award to pay for the GRE and graduate school applications. He enjoys learning about stellar evolution and particle acceleration in intense and turbulent environments. He is also interested in high energy and plasma physics.

Hannah Bjorklund

Hannah is from Minneapolis, MN. She is hoping to use this money to pay for a study abroad experience at the University of Oslo in 2021. There, she would study Astrophysics and Physics courses such as Stellar Atmospheres and Plasma Physics. Hannah is interested in many areas, but particularly quantum physics and cosmology.

Ramona White

Ramona is from Neenah, WI. She plans to use the scholarship towards tuition as she wraps up her final three semesters of undergraduate study. She is interested in finding creative ways to educate and share the wonder of modern astrophysics research with the public. Science communication is her focus for the future.

2019 Swanson Scholarship Recipients

2019 Swanson Scholarship Recipients
Jordan Bartett

Jordan is from Richfield, MN. She plans to use the money to pay for tuition. She is interested in a broad range of astrophysics research.

Arunn Suntharalingam