Laverne & Ted Jones Astrophysics Scholarship

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This scholarship provides financial assistance to qualified undergraduate students majoring in Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy. It recognizes the importance of astrophysics as a core science and aims to encourage capable and motivated students to pursue careers in this discipline.

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2023 Jones Scholarship Recipients

Charles Acomb, Isabelle Perron, Jones Scholarship recipients
Charles Acomb
Charles is originally from Hopkins, Minnesota. "My research interests lie within both space physics and galactic astrophysics. I'm currently working on one project which utilizes auroral precipitation to help characterize the Earth's atmosphere, and another project which aims to simulate galaxy emission lines for young, developing galaxies."
Isabelle Perron
"Izzy" is originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Her research interests include novae, exoplanets, and dark matter.


2022 Jones Scholarship Recipients

Mason Huberty

Mason is from Fridley, Minnesota. He plans to use the scholarship to help pay for tuition and to be able to continue with research. "I am currently conducting research in the astrophysics department regarding galaxies hosting galactic outflows and their properties. It covers both observational and theoretical astrophysics, which are very fascinating to learn about."

Kyra Welch

Kyra is originally from Westerville, Ohio. She will use the money to help pay for textbooks and tuition. "I'm most interested in satellite technology and observational astrophysics."

2021 Jones Scholarship Recipients

2021 Jones Scholarship
Kekoa Lasko
Kekoa is from Medford, MA, a suburb just north of Boston. He hopes that the money will allow him to stop working next fall so that he can focus on my senior thesis.
He is focused on Astrophysics, specifically in the field of gravitational lensing.
Samuel Corey

Samuel Corey is from North Mankato, MN. He plans to use the scholarship to assist with paying tuition.His area of focus is Multimessenger astronomy, studying binary star systems.

2020 Jones Scholarship Recipients

2020 Jones Scholarship Recipients
Arunn Suntharalingam

Arunn is from Malaysia. The award will give him "the capacity to carry out research and explore further outlets of academia." He is currently researching theoretical simulations of stellar hydrodynamics and observational infrared astronomy.

Anne Duerr

Anne is from Chaska, MN. She plans to use the award money for tuition. She is "currently learning how to analyze data collected by VERITAS to study active galactic nuclei and blazar variability." She is also part of the University of Minnesota Small Satellite team, where she is learning about X-ray detectors.

Ian Morrissey

Ian is from Woodridge, IL. He plans to use the award money, "to worry less about paying for tuition and enjoy being able to put more time into my research work over the summer." He is currently interested in elementary particle physics, though he hopes to start research on galaxies or dark matter.

2018 Jones Scholarship Recipients

2018 Jones Scholarship Recipients
Aliza Beverage

Now at the University of California, Berkeley

Arpit Arora

Now at the University of Pennsylvania