Puchner receives Biosensing grant

Professor Elias Puchner of the School of Physics and Astronomy received a 2023 grant from the University of Minnesota's International Institute for Biosensing (IIB). Puchner’s research group will receive $193K over three years to perform research on  “Enhanced Fluorescence Biosensensing by Non-Linear Signal Amplification.”

This project will expand on a recent discovery by the group of imaging a rare quantum state to detect fluorescence-based biosensors with single molecule sensitivity and ~30 nm spatial resolution. The project could help make the discovery universally applicable and increase the sensitivity of existing biosensors, expanding the toolbox to study biological processes in cells at the nanometer length scale.

“This was one of these rare but rewarding aha moments,” Puchner said, “once we understood the principle of our finding, we immediately recognized its potential. I am very grateful and excited for the support of the International Institute for Biosensing to develop improved biosensing applications based on our discovery."

The IIB “provides support for the development of a globally engaged institute at the University of Minnesota. Biosensing is a fundamental global technology for the 21st century with tremendous implications for humans and the environment. Biosensors serve as critical monitors in a broad spectrum of applications, including food safety, agriculture, the environment, healthcare, animal health, national security and water quality.”