Oswald Scholarship

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Endowed by University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering alumnus, Albert G. Oswald, this scholarship is intended to recognize outstanding research by an undergraduate student and support their ongoing research efforts.

2023 Oswald Scholarship Recipient

Blake Wendland, 2022 Nier Scholarship recipient
Blake Wendland
Blake is originally from Waseca, Minnesota. "I currently do research in the lab of Martin Greven. This lab focuses on exploration of high-temperature superconductors. My research mainly focuses on the cuprate superconductor, Hg1201 (HgBa2CuO4+). I explore the mirco/macroscopic structure, the process of formation, and electronic properties of this novel material. I am especially interested in exploring the use of resistivity to better understand strongly correlated electron interactions within Hg1201 and similar materials."


2022 Oswald Scholarship Recipient

2022 Oswald Scholarship: Brian Krohnke
Brian Krohnke Orquera
"I was born and raised in Ibarra-Ecuador, a medium-sized city in the Ecuadorean Andes and moved here to study physics. I plan to use the money towards tuition for the next academic year. This summer I started a position at the center for Quantum Materials at the university where I work with graduate students in the growth and characterization of cuprate superconductors for use in research on their properties in several regimes. I am however interested in quantum computing and hope to study it at a graduate level in hopes of contributing to the development of the area."


2021 Oswald Scholarship Recipient

2021 Oswald Scholarship recipient
Peyton Johnson
Peyton is from Victoria, MN. He plans to use the money to help pay for tuition. His research focuses on quantifying the projected improvements in parameter estimates of white dwarf binaries that can be gained by combining gravitational wave data from the future LISA detector with electromagnetic observations.


2020 Oswald Scholarship Recipient

2020 Oswald Scholarship Recipient
Zi Wang

Zi is from China. He plans to use the award money to fund his future research in high-temperature superconductors. He is currently a member of the Greven research group.

2019 Oswald Scholarship Recipient

2019 Oswald Scholarship Recipient
Caleb Medchill

Caleb is a former member of Ke Wang's research group.