Past REU Participants

2019 REU Participants

2019 REU Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Paul Bailey Brigham Young University Paul Crowell Non-linear Magnon Scattering Observations via the Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect
Omar Beesley Hamilton College Greg Pawloski Studying the Hadronic Activity of RHC QE Events (ie. Neutrons)
Elizabeth Breen Hiram College Allen Goldman  
Ebba Green Colorado College Evan Skillman The CHemical Abundances Of Spirals - CHAOS
Beatrice Gulner St. Olaf College Jim Kakalios

Current Relaxation in Amorphous Semiconductor Alloys; Poster

Vasiki Konneh Colby College Ke Wang Observation of Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism in Ultrahigh Quality hBN/Gr/Crl3/hBN van der Waals Heterostructures
Bronson Lynn East Tennessee State University Jeremy Mans The Correlations Between the Right Handed W Boson and Leptoquart Searches
Chika Onubogu Florida State University Tom Jones Radio Jets in Galaxy Cluster Shock: The Effects of External Magnetism on System Dynamics
Jared Pohlmann Nebraska Wesleyan University Yong-Zhong Qian  
Andy Sheng Cornell University Aleksey Cherman Curved Emergent Dimension from Strong Interactions

2018 REU Participants

REU 2018 Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Samuel Benyhoff Augsburg University Dave Thomas Aggregation State of SERCA as Affected by Inhibitors; Poster
Avi Brach-Neufeld Bates College Greg Pawloski Measuring Neutrino and Muon Energy with the NOvA Project; Poster
Maxwell Buss University of Minnesota Prisca Cushman & Vuk Mandic The Search for Lightly Ionizing Particles with CDMS Data; Poster
Begad Elmelligy University of Wisconsin, River Falls Ke Wang Ultra High-Quality van der Waals Heterostructures; Poster
Dylan Frikken University of Wisconsin, River Falls Ken Heller Mu2e Tracker Construction: Straw and Sense Wire Tensioning; Poster
Kayla Gephart St. Olaf College Shaul Hanany Optical Characteristic Measurements of Crystalline Silicon (c-Si); Poster
Greta Helmel Macalester College Roberta Humphreys Trumpler 16 and Eta Carinae: Astrometry and the Evolution of Spectral Lines; Poster
Zoe Kearney University of Massachusetts, Amherst Larry Rudnick Detections of Extended X-ray Emission around Radio Galaxies; Poster
Benjamin Rorem Gustavus Adolphus College Jim Kakalios Electronic Conduction through Free-Standing Nanocrystalline Films; Poster
Laura Salo Hillsdale College Patrick Kelly Probing Stellar Populations and Galaxy Cluster Dark Matter Using Microlensing Events; Poster
David Zegeye Haverford College Liliya Williams Probing Additional Gravitational Lensing Effects of Supernova iPTF16geu; Poster

2015 REU Participants

2015 REU Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Phillip Dang University of Maryland Paul Crowell Co2MnSi and Co2FeSi Heusler alloy thin films
Shannon Dulz Missouri State University Prisca Cushman The Dark Matter Search (Super CDMS) Experiment
Aditya Dhumuntarao Arizona State University Joe Kapusta Applicatios of String-theoric Concepts to Pure Gauge Theories
Kylie Hess Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Roger Rusack Building a Cosmic Ray Detector for CERN CMS Detector Development
Katelyn Koiner University of North Dakota Lucy Fortson The Presence of Bar Galaxies Using Optical and Infrared Wavelengths
Matthew Libersky Valparaiso University Allen Goldman The Propertis of Strontium Iridate
Bryan Linehan St. John's University Marvin Marshak Determining the NOvA Detector Resolution from the Cosmic Ray Moon and Sun Shadow
Wilson Lough Northern Arizona University Vuk Mandic Improving Signal Processing Techniques Involved in Detecting Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background
Joseph Mullin University of California, Santa Barbara Greg Pawloski Determining the Sensitivity of the MINOS Detector to Neutrino Flavor Oscillations
Austin Riedl University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Michael Zudov The Effect of Low-temperature Illumination on Magnetotransport in the 2D Electron Gas
Timothy Schuler State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo John Broadhurst Sensitivity of the Human Brain to Frequency Perturbations in Sound
Sadie Tetrick Augsburg College Cynthia Cattell The Earth's Radiation Belts during Geomagnetic Storms
Miranda Thompson Harvey Mudd College Jim Kakalios Nanocrystalline Thin Films

2014 REU Participants

2014 REU Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor
Alexandra Boldin Macalester College Paul Crowell
Joshua Hiltbrand University of Minnesota, Duluth Roger Rusack
Luke Horstman Bethel University Yuichi Kubota
Kathryn Jacobcon College of St. Benedict John Broadhurst
Brenda Knauber St. Cloud State University J. Woods Halley
Devin Mahon Rice University Marvin Marshak
Charlotte Martinkus Macalester College Evan Skillman
Erik Navarro California State University, Chico Vincent Voireaux
Mitchell Patzer University of Minnesota, Morris Terry Jones
Devin Roerich University of North Dakota Jorge Vinals
Samantha Thrush Ohio University Vuk Mandic
Joshua Wolanyk Gustavus Adulphus College William Zimmermann

2013 REU Participants

2013 REU Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Iakov Boyko Hillsdale College Paul Crowell Anisotropies, Ferromagnetic Resonance, and Spin Damping in Co2MnSi/GaAs and Fe/GaAs Heterostructures
Elizabeth Butler Northern Michigan University Shaul Hanany Analyzing Timestamps for the EBEX Experiment
Spencer Diamond Dartmouth College Greg Pawloski Processing and Analyzing NOvA Far Detector Cosmic Data
Charles Godfrey University of Wisconsin, Madison Vincent Noireaux E. Coli Cell Growth and Division: Self-replication of a Model Organism
Austin Howes Drake University Jim Kakalios AC Conductivity of N-typed Doped Mixed-phase Amorphous Silicon Films
Eric Johnson New York University, Abu Dhabi Jorge Vinals An Examination of the Weighted Ensemble Approach on Modeling Delayed Stochastic Genetic Regulatory Systems
Anthony Lefeld University of Notre Dame Vuk Mandic Adjusting STAMP code for Long Gravitational-wave Transients
Nicholas Lewellyn St. Cloud State University Dan Dahlberg Measuring Frequency Dependence of AC Magnetic Susceptibility
Kelsey Meinerz Marquette University Jochen Mueller Probing the Point Spread Function
Evan Moen University of North Dakota J. Woods Halley Dynamics of Water on a Magnetite Surface
Maggie Molter Macalester College Lucy Fortson VHE Observation of Distant Soft Blazars
Michael Mullen University of North Dakota John Broadhurst Spin Casting a Mirror for Astrophysical Observations: Design and Construction of an Air Bearing
Zachary Pace State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo Lucy Fortson Galaxy Zoo 2: Characterizing the Bimodal Color-Magnitude Distribution

2012 REU Participants

Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Amanda Bowers Linfield College Greg Pawloski Detector Module Testing for the NOvA Neutrino Detector Group
Matthew Caplan University of West Virginia Evan Skillman Photometry of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
James Delles California State University, Chico Paul Crowell Kerr Microscopy of Perpendicular Spin Currents in Metallic Nanowires
Rachael Jensema Valparaiso University Tom Jones Developing New Visualization Techniques fr Computational Astrophysics
Lucas Johns Reed College Vuk Mandic The Detection of Gravitational-wave Emission from an Accretion-disk Instability
Kevin Kelly University of Notre Dame Ken Heller Data Analysis Software for the NOvA Neutrino Detector
Darren Mareskas-Palcek Eckerd College Dan Cronin-Hennessy Data Analysis of the MINOS Neutrino Detector
Rebecca McAuliffe Marquette University J. Woods Halley Superfluid Properties of Liquid Helium
Timothy O'Brien University of Notre Dame Larry Rudnick Fitting of the Faraday Rotation Data of Polarized Astrophysical Signals
Ross Siegel Northern Arizona University Allen Goldman Electrostatic Doping of Irregular Mott Insulators

2011 REU Participants

2011 REU Group Photo
Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Benjamin Absher Washington and Lee University Vincent Noireaux Modeling of Protein Synthesis in a Cell-free Escherichia Coli System
Emily Dvorak University of Wisconsin, River Falls Jeremy Mans Developing Protocols to Isolate Electron Signals in the Compact Muon Solenoid at the Large Hadron Collider
Christopher Frye University of Central Florida Jeremy Mans Developing Procedures for Identifying Electromagnetic Showers in the Forward Hardon Calorimeter at the Large Hadron Collider
Peter Hansen University of Nebraska, Lincoln Jochen Mueller Quantifying Protein Expression Distributions in Cell Populations
Rachel Mensch Washington and Lee University Jim Kakalios Investigating the Variations in the Optical Absorption Spectra of Thin Film Mixed Phase Semiconductors as a Function of the Nanocrystalline Concentration
Noah Mitchell St. Olaf University Evan Skillman Determining Star Formation Rates in a Survey of Nearby Starburst Dwarf Galaxies
Darrell Montonera Gordon College William Zimmermann The Influence of an Externally Applied Electric Field on the Condensate Fraction in Superfluid He II
Jonathan Morris University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Vincent Noireaux Characterizing Diffusion Processes in Living Cells using Fluorescence Microscopy
Brent Perreault Concordia College Ken Heller The Particle Tracking Algorithm for the NuMi Off-axis Electron-neutrino NOvA Experiment
Christopher White Rice University J. Woods Halley Simulations of Condensate-mediated Transmission in Superfluid Helium
Andrew Zabel Bethel University Marvin Marshak Discovering a "Moon Shadow" in the Histogram of Neutrino-induced Muon Events Recorded in the MINOS Far Detector at the Soudan Underground Physics Laboratory

2010 REU Participants

Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Talia Clark Barnard College Ken Heller Assessing the Effectiveness of Various Techniques Designed to Improve Students' Problem Solving Skills
Anne Gambrel University of Tulsa Shaul Hanany Developing a Focal Plane Equalizer for EBEX, a Balloon-borne Polarimeter designed to study the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Chris Granstrom-Arndt University of Minnesota, Twin Cities J. Woods Halley The Creation and Detection of Low Temperature Helium Vapor Pulses Projected Through a Thin Film of Superfluid Helium
Brian Hake Point Loma Nazarene University Terry Jones Developing an Optical Polarimeter Instrument Control System to be Used to Study Light Polarization of Celestial Objects
Trevor Hutchinson Lewis and Clark College Jim Kakalios Thermal Equilibration Properties of Mixed-phase Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films as a Function of Nanocrystalline Concentration
Zofia Kaminski University of Dallas Jochen Mueller Tracking Fluorescent Microspheres in Order to Study Single Protein Dynamics
May-Ling Li Reed College William Zimmermann The Effects of Electric Fields on the Lambda Transition of Superfluid Helium
Paige Martin Harvard University Ken Heller A Passive Cooling Method for Electronics Heat Dissipation for the NOvA Experiment Detector
Eric Petersen Michigan Technological University Evan Skillman Analyzing the Spectral Signature of Cold Neutral Hydrogen in Low Metallicity Galaxies
Peter Rosenberg State University of New York (SUNY), Geneseo Joe Kapusta The O(4) Linear Sigma Model with a Bosonic Chemical Potential
Rebecca Ruckdashel Cornell University Alex Kamenev The Lotka-Volterra Model for Population Denisity Oscillations
Joseph Sobek Winona State University John Wygant Studying Surface Waves in the Current Sheet of Earth's Geomagnetic Tail
Joshua Sobrin Fordham University Shaul Hanany Designing a Payload Recovery System for the EBEX Balloon-borne Polarimeter Experiment
Natalie Weisse University of Dallas Vincent Noireaux Studying the Expression and Manipulation of Trans-membrane Proteins for the Development of a Functioning Artificial Cell

2009 REU Participants

Participant Home Institution Research Advisor Research Presentation
Bradley Christensen University of Rochester Prisca Cushman Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Sean Dobberstein Northern Michigan University Evan Skillman Developing a Catalog of HII Regions of Nearby Spiral Galaxies
Matthew Drake University of Massachusetts, Amherst William Zimmermann The Properties of the Lambda-transition in Superfluid Helium-4
Eric Dzienkowski Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Dan Cronin-Hennessy Developing Detectors for the NOvA Project to Study Neutrino Oscillations
Grace Elwell Carleton College Vuk Mandic Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Vanessa Engquist University of Nebraska, Kearney John Wygant Analyzing the Influence of Interplanetary Magnetic Fields on the Auroral Kilometric Radiation
Aaron Feickert North Dakota State University Jeremy Mans Developing New Algorithms to Study Particle Decays in the Compact Muon Solenoid at the Large Hadron Collider
Kathleen Foote Providence College Ken Heller Analyzing Gender Differences in Performance in Introductory Physics Courses
Jon Graves University of Nebraska, Omaha Yong-Zhong Qian Simulating the Shock Front Dynamics during Supernova Explosions
Mark Pepin Creighton University Marvin Marshak Analyzing Cosmic Ray Shower Data Recorded by the Soudan II Underground Detector
Christopher Pierse St. Louis University Vincent Noireaux Studying Gene Expression Kinetics for the Development of a Functioning Artificial Cell
Katherine Reeves University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Dan Cronin-Hennessy Studying Photon Energy Resolution in the BES-III Electromagnetic Calorimeter