Professor Allen M. Goldman Fellowship

Professor Allen M. Goldman Fellowship

This fellowship was created by former students of Professor Allen Goldman to honor his 40+ years of teaching and mentoring students. The fellowship will be awarded each year to a graduate student enrolled in the School of Physics and Astronomy working toward a graduate degree.

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2023 Goldman Fellowship Recipient

Elliot Bell, Goldman Fellowship recipient
Elliot Bell

Elliot is from Rosemount, Minnesota. His research interests include novel quantum transport phenomena in two dimensional system.



2022 Goldman Fellowship Recipient

2022 Burlaga Fellowship: Wen-Han Kao
Wen-Han Kao
Wen-Han is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. He plans to use the award money to support his summer research project. He works with professor Natalia B. Perkins on quantum magnetism and Kitaev materials.


2021 Goldman Fellowship Recipient

2021 Goldman Fellowship
Agniva Ghosh
Agniva is from Kolkata, India. His plan is to use the fellowship for summer research. His research is focussed on Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter.


2020 Goldman Fellowship Recipient

2020 Goldman Fellowship Recipient
Dmitry Chichinadze

Dmitry is from Moscow, Russia. He plans to use this money to work on a new project on the coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene. He works in the field of unconventional superconductivity and recently began working on quantum magnetism.

2019 Goldman Fellowship Recipient

2019 Goldman Fellowship Recipient
Xiaojun Fu

Xiaojun is originally from Tianjin, China. He plans to use the money to support my summer research. His research is in quantum transport in 2D systems.