REU Activities


Student presenting her research to a group.

During the program, faculty members offer presentations on their research activities to the REU group. This is an excellent opportunity for the REU participants to learn about what is involved in conducting research in an academic environment. Speakers from several physics fields describe what they do and offer their unique perspective on what it means to be a physicist.

During the final week of the program, in order to gain experience in presenting their research results (an essential aspect of conducting scientific research), participants have the opportunity to prepare and present a talk about their own research project to the REU group and select faculty. Students also prepare a short written report describing their project and results.

Poster Session

Student presenting research poster at Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Participants also present their research results at two poster sessions - one in the Physics department; the other in the Summer Undergraduate Research Expo. The Expo includes participants from the other REU programs within the University's College of Science and Engineering, as well as representatives from Twin Cities area industries.

Social Outings

A number of events are organized each summer for all REU programs University-wide. In the past, these events have included:

REU End-of-Program Boat Tour
Student at the Science Museum of Minnesota