Thomas W. Jones

Tom Jones

Thomas "Tom" W. Jones

Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy


John T. Tate Hall
Room 285-02
116 Church Street Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics (MIfA)
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI)


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1972

M.S., University of Minnesota, 1969

B.S. (with highest honors), University of Texas at Austin, 1967

Professional Background

  • Fellow, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, 1988-present
  • Interim Director, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, 2008-2010
  • Chairman of the Department of Astronomy, 1981-1997
  • Professor of Astronomy, University of Minnesota, 1984

Scientific & Professional Societies

  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • American Astronomical Society
  • International Astronomical Union
Research Interests

Theoretical and computational astrophysics, acceleration of cosmic rays, physics of diffusive shock acceleration, magnetohydrodynamics, galaxy clusters and the intracluster medium, radio galaxy dynamics, supernova remnant dynamics.

Honors and Awards

Fellow, American Physical Society, 2014

Selected Publications

  1. Ge, C., Liu, R.-Y., Sun, M., Yu, H., Rudnick, L., Eilek, J., Owen, F., Dasadia, S., Rossetti, M., Markevitch, M., Clarke, T.E., Jones, T.W., Ghizzardi, S., Venturi, T., Finoguenov, A., Eckert, D. Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of A2256: Cold fronts, merger shocks, and constraint on the IC emission (2020) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 497 (4), pp. 4704-4717

  2. Johnson, A.R., Rudnick, L., Jones, T.W., Mendygral, P.J., Dolag, K. Characterizing the Uncertainty in Cluster Magnetic Fields Derived from Rotation Measures (2020) Astrophysical Journal, 888 (2), art. no. 101

  3. Angelinelli, M., Vazza, F., Giocoli, C., Ettori, S., Jones, T.W., Brunetti, G., Brüggen, M., Eckert, D. Turbulent pressure support and hydrostatic mass bias in the intracluster medium (2020) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 495 (1), pp. 864-885 

  4. O'Neill, B.J., Jones, T.W., Nolting, C., Mendygral, P.J. Shocked Narrow-angle Tail Radio Galaxies: Simulations and Emissions (2019) Astrophysical Journal, 887 (1), art. no. 26

  5. Nolting, C., Jones, T.W., O'Neill, B.J., Mendygral, P.J. Simulated Interactions between Radio Galaxies and Cluster Shocks. II. Jet Axes Orthogonal to Shock Normals (2019) Astrophysical Journal, 885 (1), art. no. 80

  6. O'neill, B.J., Jones, T.W., Nolting, C., Mendygral, P.J. A Fresh Look at Narrow-angle Tail Radio Galaxy Dynamics, Evolution, and Emissions (2019) Astrophysical Journal, 884 (1), art. no. 12, . 

  7. Nolting, C., Jones, T.W., O'Neill, B.J., Mendygral, P.J. Interactions between Radio Galaxies and Cluster Shocks. I. Jet Axes Aligned with Shock Normals (2019) Astrophysical Journal, 876 (2), art. no. 154

  8. G. Brunetti & T. W. Jones, Cosmic rays in galaxy clusters and their interaction with magnetic fields, IJMPD, 23, 1430007 (2014)

  9. H. Kang, D. Ryu & T. W. Jones, Diffusive Shock Acceleration Simulations of Radio Relics, ApJ 2012, 756, 97 (2013)

  10. P. Mendygral, T. W, Jones & K. Dolag, MHD Simulations of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets in a Dynamic Galaxy Cluster, ApJ 750, 166 (2012)

Former Researchers and Students

  • Jennifer Delgado, Ph.D. 2013 (Kansas University)
  • Peter Mendygral, Ph.D. 2011 (Cray Inc.)
  • Paul Edmon, Ph.D. 2010 (Center for Astrophysics)
  • Sean O'Neill, Ph.D. 2007 (JILA)