CEMS launches a new Data Science for Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Master’s degree

Within the fields of chemical engineering and materials science, there is a tremendous push towards automation and digitalization. Chemical companies and others focused on biotechnology and materials are actively pursuing the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop innovative products and to optimize day-to-day operations. Yet, there is a lack of data science- literate chemical engineers and materials scientists who can bridge the gap between available methods and industry needs and lead the way on adoption and full value attainment.

Responding to this need, CEMS is launching a unique interdisciplinary M.S. degree program which aims to bridge disciplinary expertise in chemical engineering and materials science with data and computational science. The new DS CEMS M.S. degree aims to educate the next generation of chemical engineers and materials scientists who will be able to work seamlessly with digital technologies. It is a first of its kind program nationally and the first joint ChE/MSE degree offered by the department. The program has been developed in coordination with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Statistics.

The core curriculum provides fundamental knowledge of statistical and data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as well as their application in chemical, biological, and materials science and engineering problems. Elective courses allow students to specialize in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, systems engineering, automation and robotics, or data analytics, depending on their specific interests and needs. Students have the option to complete a capstone project under the supervision of CEMS faculty possibly in collaboration with faculty from other departments or industry advisors.

The degree requires 30 credits and could be completed in one year (two semesters and a summer), although there is the option of completing it over a longer period. It is offered as a coursework only degree (Plan C) or with a capstone project (Plan B). A minimum of four courses from the curriculum of the M.S. in Data Science program offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Statistics are required. Applications are open to graduates with a B.S. degree in ChE, MSE, or related discipline (e.g., chemistry, physics, biomedical engineering). Industry applicants will also be considered.

More details can be found here:  https://cse.umn.edu/cems/master-science-data-science

For further inquiries please write to academic advisor Kacey Gregerson: kgregers@umn.edu