CEMS students win 2023 CSE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase awards

CEMS undergraduate student Minali Ganguly (MSE '23) and graduate students Spencer Bingham (fourth-year MSE graduate student) and Marisa Bazzi (fifth-year MSE graduate student) were recently honored among the recipients of the 2023 College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase awards. The awards were presented at an April 26 recognition event highlighting the many campus contributions of individuals who actively contribute to a positive and more equitable College of Science and Engineering climate through diversity, equity, and inclusion events, programming, and volunteer work.

Minali Ganguly won the CSE Undergraduate Student Award. Minali is recognized as an advocate for intersectionality, diversity, and representation. Minali is a leader and often the only non-dominant identity in their leadership circle. Seeing this as an opportunity, Minali recruited diverse leadership resulting in a majority representation of underrepresented identities. Minali facilitates conversations with diverse faculty, engineers, and other professionals that offer their group examples of representation and mentorship from those that share their underrepresented background.

Spencer Bingham won the CSE Graduate Student Award. Spencer is recognized for his dedication and thoughtfulness in leadership and service. Spencer led the design of the department's climate survey and listening sessions to set DEI tasks for multiple years. Spencer reviewed and improved how peer discussions have been conducted and found ways to handle data to protect confidentiality and boost engagement. Spencer has always encouraged participation and kept the department moving toward clear action items, transparency, and accountability.

Marisa Bazzi won the CSE Graduate Student Award. Marisa is recognized as having demonstrated exceptional devotion to setting goals for the DEI working group of the department. Marisa was instrumental in designing the committee structure which allows members to focus on projects they were passionate about. She is a consistent, optimistic, empathetic, and energizing force even in times of challenge. Marisa is extremely active in the leadership of the departmental work group facilitating the completion of goals and the implementation of new initiatives.

The 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase awards recognize the many DEI-focused contributions of CSE students, faculty, staff, and postdocs in the areas of advocacy, volunteer work, and engagement that have a positive impact on CSE, the University, and the Twin Cities communities through DEI initiatives.

Congratulations to Minali, Spencer, Marisa, and all of the other award recipients.