Alumni In Memoriam: Raphael Aronson

Raphael Aronson, B.S. Physics, 1947,  1928 - 2018

Raphael Aronson, 89, was born and grew up in Minneapolis. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Ray earned his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard in 1951. Ray had a distinguished career in theoretical physics. After a period of time as a Senior Scientist at the Nuclear Development Association in White Plains, NY, he and his colleagues founded TRG, Inc., which did basic research work for the federal government. After a few years, TRG was acquired by supercomputer giant Control Data Corporation. After the buyout, Ray became a physics professor on the faculty of the Nuclear Engineering Department at NYU’s former University Heights (Bronx) campus. During his working years, Ray was called to consult at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos, and he spent time working with physicists in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Oxford, England. His best known publications involved particle scattering theory and Monte Carlo calculations.  Ray retired in 1993, but continued working, and most recently he and his partners patented an innovative imaging method. He is survived by wife, Norma; his children, Lisa and Bob Maher and Dan and Heidi Aronson, and their mother, Shirley (Sami) Aronson; and his grandchildren David and Alex Maher, and Rachel and Quin Aronson. Ray is also survived by Norma's children, Meg Harvey, Jonathan Harvey, Jennifer Olivetti, and Roger Harvey; and his brother, Hillel; Hillel’s wife, Sue, and his children Naomi, Debbi.Teri, Judie, and Jacqueline.