Undergraduate Admissions

High School Students

High school students interested in either Chemical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering should apply for admission to the College of Science and Engineering (CSE). You will typically spend three semesters in lower division, before applying to the major. See “CSE Lower Division Students” below for information about applying to the major and admission requirements. Lower division students are advised by CSE Academic Advising. The CSE advisors are well trained to help you decide your major and develop your course plan.

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CSE Lower Division Students

Lower division students are generally expected to apply for admission to the major in the middle of fall semester of their sophomore year. Admission to the majors is decided after fall grades are posted. In order to apply for your major you must complete certain required courses (see the four year plans) with a minimum technical GPA of 3.2 to be guaranteed admission to the major of your choice. Students below this technical GPA are admitted on a space available basis. Applications can also be submitted in the Spring semester.

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Transfer Students from outside the University of Minnesota

At the Future Transfer Student website you will be able to find guides to help you determine exactly how your completed coursework will work for your University of Minnesota degree, this includes liberal education and technical coursework.

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Transfer Students from inside the University of Minnesota

Students wishing to transfer from other University of Minnesota college majors to Chemical Engineering or Materials Science majors need to complete the same coursework as students admitted to CSE as college freshman.

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International Students

International students must meet the same admissions requirements as citizens and permanent residents to the United States and have proof of English proficiency. More information can be found at the UMN International Admissions website.

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Chemical Engineering Students Seeking A Double Major In Chemistry

Many Chemical Engineering Students seek to earn a second major in Chemistry. All Chemical Engineering students earn a minor in Chemistry (unless they opt for the second major).

To declare the second major, students apply using the admission to major database (scroll down on the link to adding/changing majors). To earn the Chemistry major, students must complete the following courses:

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  • Chem 4502, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Chem 4701, Inorganic Chemistry
  • 1 Advanced Chemistry Lecture Elective

The following are recommended as they also meet the engineering subcategory technical elective requirement: Chem 4001, Chemistry of Biomass and Biomass Conversion to Fuels and Products; Chem 4214, Polymers; Chem 4221, Introduction to Polymer Chemistry; Chem 4301, Applied Surface and Colloid Science

  • 2 Advanced Chemistry Lab Electives

Typically, students must have 3 advanced chemistry lab electives. The chemistry department allows one chemical engineering lab course to count towards the requirement. Additionally, chemistry will accept Chem 2121, Process Analytical Chemistry, in place of Chem 2101/2111, Analytical Chemistry