An MSST student standing with arms crossed outside, with a brick building to the left and trees in the background

Graduate Programs

The Technological Leadership Institute offers three Master of Science degrees specifically designed for professionals working in technology-intensive enterprises.


The Management of Technology curriculum blends business, leadership and technology management together into one degree program.

The Medical Device Innovation curriculum teaches students about technology innovation management, how to apply their skills in medical device innovation practica, and complete a capstone project.

The Security Technologies curriculum allows students to focus on building expertise in one area of specialization or related sub-areas in science, technology and social sciences.

Graduate Minors

A graduate minor from TLI will help you achieve your professional goals by expanding the skills you develop in your major field of study.

Undergraduate Experiences

TLI offers opportunities for undergraduate science and engineering students to jumpstart their careers, and distinguish themselves as innovative technology leaders.

Continuing Education

The Technological Leadership Institute offers continuing education opportunities for tech-based organizations through consulting and customized short courses.