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The Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) is an interdisciplinary center at the University of Minnesota established in 1987 by an endowment from the Honeywell Foundation. The Institute is part of the College of Science and Engineering, which is ranked among the top engineering and science schools in the country.

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Est. 1987

Established in 1987 through an endowment from the Honeywell Foundation, TLI has been a pioneering force in technology leadership education, empowering professionals to excellence in their fields.


Key Component

TLI is an integral part of the University of Minnesota’s highly-ranked College of Science and Engineering, which is ranked among the top engineering and science degree programs in the country.

Current graduate students
Accomplished alumni
Dedicated faculty and staff

TLI's Organizational Values

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Integrity is foundational at TLI. We prioritize accountability, ethics, and confidentiality, fostering diversity. Our commitment to consistency, meeting commitments, and supporting decisions shapes ethical leaders in technology.

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Innovation thrives at TLI, igniting excellence. We foster high-performance teamwork, creativity, and continuous learning. Embracing calculated risks fuels our growth, shaping bold leaders in technology.

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Excellence is central at TLI, fueling our pursuit of perfection. We prioritize continuous improvement, maintaining high academic and business standards while persistently overcoming challenges with urgency and focus.

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Commitment to the U

Our commitment to the U prioritizes anticipating and meeting customer needs, integrating their input into solutions. We honor commitments, consider their perspective in decision-making, and responsibly steward TLI resources.

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Commitment to Each Other

Our commitment to each other at TLI includes trusting positive motives, compassionate listening, and fostering teamwork. We embrace coaching, maintain enthusiasm, and value colleagues' perspectives in decision-making for collaborative success.

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Commitment to the Mission

At TLI, our dedication to the mission aligns with our strategic objectives, incorporating diverse societal perspectives into our decision-making process. We aim to elevate technological leadership in Minnesota and pursue global opportunities for positive influence.


Among the best in the nation

An integral part of the University of Minnesota’s highly-ranked College of Science and Engineering. All University of Minnesota Twin Cities science and engineering graduate programs were recently ranked among the top 25 public university programs in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Faculty and Advisors

TLI distinguishes itself through its renowned faculty and industry experts who teach in our programs. Our instructors, many who are actively working in their respective industries, bring real-time, real-world, leadership experience directly to the classroom. Our small cohort model fosters valuable connections among students and faculty, nurturing a network of industry professionals for future career growth.