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Executive Education for Technology Leaders


The Technological Leadership Institute’s world-renowned M.S. in Management of Technology (MOT) degree program has been combining technology and business to advance both sectors for nearly three decades. The MOT is a management degree with an emphasis in strategic technological leadership. Often compared to an MBA, the MOT has the following distinctions for technology-based professionals:

  • In addition to accounting, finance and marketing, students apply engineering principles to the study of technology forecasting, innovation management, new technology product development and commercialization.
  • Students participate in the International Management of Technology Project (IMTP), an intensive two-week trip abroad to both a leading and emerging market, to analyze the cultural, socioeconomic, and political structures as they relate to international business.
  • Each student chooses a significant topic for the MOT capstone project. This work-based research project enables students to directly apply their MOT education at work, providing immediate and long-term benefits to both the student and their employer.

Professional Development

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The MOT degree program provides a competitive advantage to those seeking increased leadership opportunities in a technology-intensive business environment. Students learn to apply engineering principles to corporate leadership and technology management. Admissions requirements include:

  • Relevant professional experience is required for MOT applicants. Most applicants have 5 – 25 years of experience at the time of admission.
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Tech-based leadership experience or potential

TLI was the first U.S. public university to offer an MOT program. As a differentiating degree for technology leaders from a global top-50 university, the MOT degree has been a career-enhancing credential for its alumni for decades.

Fellowships are available. Learn about requirements and deadlines.







MOT graduates gain the skills necessary to elevate their technology careers. Take a look at the statistics above taken from TLI's 2017 MOT Alumni Survey. READ MORE about how students and alumni are driven to transition into leadership roles within a variety of companies and organizations.

Executive Education

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Our executive format allows students to continue to work full time while in school, featuring:

  • A cohort-based model which emphasizes collaboration and the sharing of each members' diverse experiences and ideas
  • Small class size (maximum of 30 students)
  • Classes held one full day per week
  • Take classes in-person or remotely
  • Program completion in 21 months

Visit our curriculum page to view detailed course information. TLI also offers a graduate minor in Management of Technology for students already enrolled in a University of Minnesota master's degree program.

Attend an Information Session

MOT info sessions are led by Dr. Tariq Samad, the director of graduate studies. Meet Dr. Samad, other MOT Faculty members and TLI admissions staff by attending an information session