Center for Medical Device and Health Care Cybersecurity

person in lab coat on ipad with cyber widgets around it

The Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) is proud to be home to the University of Minnesota's Center for Medical Device and Health Care Cybersecurity (CMDC). 

Enhancing the State of Minnesota’s strong legacy in medical devices, the center focuses on developing new research, technologies, education and training to address potential cybersecurity threats. The center aligns perfectly with TLI's mission of developing local and global leaders for technology-intensive industries and merges the expertise within its Medical Device Innovation and Security Technologies masters programs.

The CMDC was formed in 2021 at the request of members of the medical device manufacturing industry who wanted a collaborative hub for discovery, outreach and workforce training in the emerging device security field. It is funded in large part by five U.S. leading health industry companies: Boston Scientific, Smiths Medical, Optum, Medtronic, and Abbott Laboratories.