Management of Technology Curriculum

Executive Education for Technology Leaders

Back of MOT students as they face the front of the classroom, where two of them are presenting.

The Management of Technology curriculum comprises a number of carefully selected topics and courses for this 36-credit Master of Science degree program. Throughout the program students will gain a comprehensive understanding of technology management in a business context while learning a number of methodologies, tools and templates they can apply immediately in their own work, benefiting both the student and their employer.

Keeping pace with today's technology and business, the curriculum is updated often to incorporate new developments in technology management, innovation and leadership. Classes meet one day per week, alternating Fridays and Saturdays over four semesters, allowing students to graduate within two years while continuing to work full time.

MOT Capstone

Photo of an MOT faculty member teaching in a classroom

One of the final courses in the Management of Technology graduate program is the MOT capstone. Students collaborate with a corporate mentor and faculty advisor for this work-based research project to come up with a topic beneficial to business. Capstones also identify and address an industry-based topic such as:

  • A general business challenge or opportunity
  • A new revenue stream or business venture
  • Project management
  • Technology products or processes

    This work-based research project includes scoping, analysis, development of options, recommendations and implementation approaches. A formal presentation to the capstone faculty committee is required.  Employers of TLI students often tell us that the value generated by their students’ capstone projects exceeds the program cost. Some examples of recent capstone projects are:

    • A Business Opportunity for Delivering Telemedicine to the Rural Market in the United States
    • Identifying Ways to Break Borders with Global Product Offerings
    • Bring a Virtual Market Concept to Life
    • Humanizing the Knowledge Workers for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Identifying and Synergizing Clean Energy Technologies

    MOT 8950: International Management of Technology Project (IMTP)

    There's no better way to experience international business than actually going abroad. As part of the Management of Technology graduate degree program, students travel to two foreign countries to analyze cultural, economic, governmental and social perspectives in an international business context.

    For 21 years, the MOT graduate program has sent students to locations such as:

    • Austria and the Czech Republic
    • China and Singapore
    • Ireland and Germany
    • Taiwan and South Korea
    • India and Malaysia
    • Vietnam and China
    • Vietnam and South Korea

    For two weeks students visit technology-intensive companies in two countries: one country that is approximately as developed or as advanced technologically as the U.S., and a second country that is emerging or a little behind technologically. Besides visiting as many as five companies or organizations per day, students participate in lectures and discussions with company executives, government officials and university faculty. At night and during the weekends, students have downtime to discover their surroundings.

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