Security Technologies Curriculum

Curriculum that Confronts Real-World Challenges

MSST students in a classroom, first and most visible row containing five students seated at a row of tables. The first student is in focus and has hands clasped under chin in focus.

The Security Technologies curriculum offers the flexibility to focus on building expertise in one area of specialization or related sub-areas in science, technology and social sciences to complete the 32-credit degree program. Students meet two nights per week on Tuesday and Thursday, with occasional day-long classes on Friday, completing the program in just 16 months.


MSST student in professional attire, smiling, standing with arms crossed

During the third and fourth terms of the program, Security Technologies graduate students complete an independent applied investigation on a relevant issue in an area of security technologies or homeland security of particular interest to them. Over the course of the two terms students will:

  • Research and prepare an original problem-based case that incorporates the best qualities of case study method, problem-based method, and tabletop exercise, while minimizing their limitations;
  • Prepare a complete report, along with a set of teaching notes for the original problem-based case;
  • Teach the problem-based case to a group of classmates;
  • Modify the draft case and teaching notes based on feedback;
  • Submit a final report; and
  • Present an oral examination before the members of the capstone committee.

Elective Courses

MSST classroom, focus on three students working together in a group, one gesturing with his hands

As part of the Master of Science in Security Technologies (MSST) degree program, students are required to take at least six elective credits. The internship and special topics courses can count toward the elective requirement (courses marked with an asterisk within the menu below are topic courses). To determine whether an elective course is offered during a specific semester students need to search the University of Minnesota course registration portal. Approved elective courses for the MSST graduate program are listed by department in the menu:

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