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Since 1987, graduates from the Technological Leadership Institute have seen great successes, thriving in tech-intensive companies, government and organizations to ensure the U.S. stays at the forefront of the high-tech global market. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our alumni and we have dedicated this page to showcase our graduates' contributions to the communities they serve. 

Graduates from the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute influence technology development and innovation-based economic growth. This positively impacts the economy in Minnesota, our nation and beyond.  

- Dr. Massoud Amin 

Alumni Spotlight

Goldy Gopher featured image.

MOT Alumnus Uses Capstone Project to Help Others Create a Culture of Innovation

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines innovation simply and succinctly as “the introduction of something new.” But describing how to effectively accomplish that is far more complex.


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MOT Class of 1992
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An MSST student standing with arms crossed outside, with a brick building to the left and trees in the background
Many employees checking or calibrating small components at a Burroughs Detroit plant. Each testing machine appears to be a microscope.
Close up of wiring. Ties, solder, terminals, and hardware clearly visible
assortment of images from previous colloquia
Robot Show
Medical Devices Center tour
Frank Kulacki
Goldy Gopher checks out one of his statues around campus
Goldy Gopher on the Northrop Mall pointing his fingers.
Goldy Gopher in 1954 talking to a little girl.