Non-Degree Seeking Student

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Explore Your Interests

As a non-degree seeking student, you have the flexibility to explore a wide variety of subjects that pique your interest. Whether you are an industry professional seeking continuing education, want to expand your skill set, or simply learn for the sake of learning, taking classes as a non-degree seeking student can provide you with a valuable and enriching experience.


Anybody can enroll into a 5xxx level course. Those seeking graduate credits, industry professionals, and auditors qualify for enrollment depending on educational background and need. Please see the 'recommended enrollment process' below for more information:

  • Recommended enrollment process for non-degree seeking students:
    • Industry professionals/Industrial education: Enrollees should enroll as undergraduate auditors. These students will pay the lower undergraduate rate and will be unable to transfer the credits to a superseding degree. They will also not be required to complete homework or exams.
    • Graduate student: Enrollees should pursue as graduate students seeking credits or as a graduate auditor.
    • Undergraduate student: Enrollees should pursue as undergraduate student seeking credits.

How to Apply

Non-degree applicants can apply following the steps below:

Registration instructions for non-degree seeking students:

This is a manual process. Complete parts 1, 2, and 4 of the Registration Request for Graduate Credit for non-degree students and email it to TLI at
  • Part 1: student's personal information.
  • Part 2: to find the 5 digit class number, please visit TwoStop and find the course you will be registering for in the list. *Be sure the correct term and year is selected at the top. The class number will be listed directly below the course designator and number (eg. MOT 5103) in parentheses. 
TLI will approve the request and forward it to the Office of the Registrar (OTR) for final processing and actual registration.  Allow approximately 7 business days.

Additional Information

  • Tuition: Please visit One Stop to learn about costs. You can contact One Stop's Student Finance for additional questions
  • To earn a graduate certificate, you must apply for and be accepted into a graduate certificate program. A limited amount of credits earned as a non-degree seeking student may be transferred into a graduate certificate in compliance with the graduate school's post baccalaureate policies.
  • Transcripts are not needed to enroll as a non-degree seeking student.

Be aware that student’s seeking a subsequent graduate certificate must have at least seven graduate course credits earned while enrolled as a degree-seeking student in that certificate program. Similar requirements are published for students seeking a subsequent master’s or doctoral degree here.