Tuition, Fees and Fellowships

Financing Your Degree

An important factor to consider when deciding to pursue a graduate education is the cost of the degree program. At TLI, we are committed to helping students find the resources necessary to complete their education. TLI has several merit- and need-based fellowships available for qualified students. You can find details on each, along with program costs and fees below. 

Program Costs

The Technological Leadership Institute strives to provide a high-quality, yet affordable education. Costs vary by degree program; however, tuition can typically be financed with federal student loans.

University of Minnesota Fees for MDI & MSST Students

Students in the Medical Device Innovation (MDI) and Security Technologies (MSST) degree programs are required to pay certain University of Minnesota fees each semester. Below is a breakdown of the minimum required fees. In addition to these base fees, international students may also be required to pay certain additional fees. All University of Minnesota student fees are subject to change at the beginning of each academic year.

Student Services Fee Exemption

Students in TLI’s programs are exempt from paying the Student Services Fee (SSF). This allows most students to save about $500 per semester in fees. There are two important things to note about being in an SSF-exempt program:

  • Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP): Students are not eligible to participate in the SHBP. The only exception to this is for students who are in the U.S. on F- or J-type visas. Students on F- and J-visas are required to participate in the SHBP at an additional oost and pay a portion of the SSF.
  • Recreation Center: Students are not automatically provided a membership at the Recreation Center (health club/gym). Students who would like to use those facilities may sign up for a membership at the Rec Center and pay a separate fee of $185 per semester ($75 during summer).

For more information about each fee and its benefits, visit the University of Minnesota One Stop website

Military Resources

TLI is committed to helping veterans and active military service members advance their education. The University of Minnesota Veterans Services Office can guide military students through the process of financing graduate education.

Financial Aid

US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for federal financial aid (loans and grants). For information about eligibility and the application process, visit Financial Aid — One Stop. The Graduate School maintains a list of Fellowships & Grants for graduate students. Please visit the Graduate School's funding page for more information.

TLI Awards *

The Technological Leadership Institute, through generous contributions from corporate and alumni donors, is able to provide a limited number of merit-based and need-based awards to students enrolled in any of its graduate programs.  Consideration for these awards is competitive, and students will be considered for awards as part of the application process. Applicants are encouraged to talk with their admissions associate about their individual situation and to apply early for best consideration. 

MOT Named Fellowships *

In addition to the general merit- and need-based fellowship funds, TLI also has three named fellowships listed below for qualifying students either entering or enrolled in the M.S. in Management of Technology degree program. 

* Due to University of Minnesota policy, University employees using the Regents Scholarship benefit are ineligible to receive any additional financial support from the Technological Leadership Institute, including any of the TLI fellowships.

Contact TLI Admissions

TLI admissions staff is available to answer any questions you have regarding financial aid and fellowship opportunities.
Please contact them with questions at