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Financing Your Degree

An important factor to consider when deciding to pursue a graduate education is the cost of the degree program. At TLI, we are committed to helping students find the resources necessary to complete their education. TLI has several merit- and need-based scholarships available for qualified students. You can find details on each, along with program costs and fees below. 

Program Costs

The Technological Leadership Institute strives to provide a high-quality, yet affordable education. Costs vary by degree program; however, tuition can typically be financed with federal student loans.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates & University Fees

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Management of Technology (MOT) Tuition & Fees

Information on current tuition and fees at the University can be found here.

Medical Device Innovation (MDI) Tuition & Fees

Information on current tuition and fees at the University can be found here.

Security Technologies (ST) Tuition & Fees

Information on current tuition and fees at the University can be found here.

Scholarships and Grants

Explore the diverse range of scholarships and grants listed below to discover opportunities that align with your academic goals and financial needs.

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Technological Leadership Institute merit-based scholarships

The Technological Leadership Institute has a limited number of merit-based scholarships. These scholarships range from $10,000-$20,000. These scholarships funds are distributed over the course of the two year program. TLI automatically considers applicants for these scholarships based on their program application. Therefore, no special application is required for these scholarships. We encourage candidates to submit their applications for admission by January 15, 2024 for priority consideration for these funds. Applications received after the priority deadline will still be considered for scholarships from TLI, however, those applications submitted by the priority deadline will be given first consideration. If an applicant receives a scholarship, they will be notified via their acceptance letter.

Application Instructions

Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline

Employees of participating companies may be eligible for free or reduced tuition through the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline, which offers grants for combined classroom and on-the-job training to Minnesota businesses.

Four TLI programs are currently accredited for the Pipeline: the M.S. programs in Security Technologies and Management of Technology, and the certificates in Electrification Engineering and Technology Leadership. 

Administered by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline was created to help employers create or expand an earn-and-learn, dual-training approach to meeting their workforce needs. Through the Dual-Training Pipeline, workers receive a combination of outside instruction and on-the-job training. The program targets high-growth industries that have limited history with Minnesota's apprenticeship system.

A list of participating employers can be found here. Companies that are interested in participating can contact the program at

Employees who would like their company to participate in the program should contact their manager or HR department.

MOT Named Scholarships

In addition to the general merit- and need-based scholarships funds, TLI also has three named scholarships listed below for qualifying students either entering or enrolled in the M.S. in Management of Technology degree program.

Lockwood Carlson Technology Leadership Scholarship

Dr. Lockwood Carlson served from 2002 to 2014 as a Senior Fellow and the James J. Renier Chair. He was a highly-valued instructor in the Management of Technology program and was a founding faculty member in the Security Technologies and the Medical Device Innovation programs. This scholarship is awarded to a first-year MOT student.

Rias van Wyk Foresight Award

Dr. Rias van Wyk served from 1992 to 2003 as the W.R. Sweatt Visiting Chair in Technological Leadership and as a former Director of Graduate Studies for the Management of Technology program. Dr. van Wyk is a world leader in strategic technology analysis and technology foresight. This is a merit-based scholarship to support MOT students focusing on technology foresight and forecasting. This merit-based scholarship is awarded to a student entering his/her second year who has demonstrated high potential for excellence in effectively applying and leveraging technology foresight tools and techniques. To qualify, students must have received an "A" grade in the "MOT 8214: Technological Foresight and Forecasting" course and achieved a minimum of 3.6 (out of 4.0) cumulative GPA in their first year in the MOT program. Students will receive information about the application process for this scholarship at the end of their first year in the program. 

Yechiel (Jack) Shulman Leadership Award

Dr. Yechiel (Jack) Shulman was the founding Director of TLI, holder of the H.W. Sweatt Chair in Technological Leadership from 1989 to 2000, serving as the first Director of Graduate Studies for the Management of Technology program. This is a merit-based scholarship to support MOT students with the highest potential for fast-tracked technological leadership. To qualify students must have achieved a minimum of 3.8 (out of 4.0) cumulative GPA in your first year in the MOT program. Students will receive information about the application process for this scholarship at the end of their first year in the program. 

Kirk Froggatt Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Kirk Froggatt held the Gemini Chair in Technology Management until retiring in 2021. During his tenure, he became renowned for his leadership courses and inspired hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota. The Kirk Froggatt Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship supports graduate students studying towards a degree in Management of Technology (M.S. MOT).

Financial Aid

US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for federal financial aid (loans and grants). For information about eligibility and the application process, visit Financial Aid — One Stop. The Graduate School maintains a list of scholarships & Grants for graduate students. Please visit the Graduate School's funding page for more information.

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Military Resources

The Technological Leadership Institute is committed to helping veterans and active military service members advance their education in every step of their journey. TLI's application fee will be waived if you have been on active duty in the U.S. military within three years of submitting your TLI application. The University of Minnesota Veterans Services Office can also guide military students through the process of financing graduate education. Other resources that can help you finance your studies are:

  • Federal GI Bill and State GI Bill: The Minnesota GI Bill program provides assistance to eligible Minnesota Veterans, currently serving military, National Guard and Reserve members who served after September 11, 2001 and eligible spouse and children. The Program provides a maximum benefit of $10,00.

Many active duty, National guard, and reserve military members also qualify for Tuition Assistance. For more information, please see the links below for your respective service:

Student Employment

The Technological Leadership Institute and its affiliate centers and units regularly recruit students for technical and associate positions. This work may include support for TLI's in-person and online classes, support of the UNITE online distributed learning platform, and other secondary activities supporting TLI affiliates, including the Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity. We welcome program applicants to apply for these positions and to reach out if there are any questions. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is preferred. Wages for student workers are competitive and hours can be flexible depending on the student's needs. 

Third Party Billing

Some employers will make payments directly to the University on a student’s behalf. In these cases, the employer must authorize the University to bill them as a third party. This authorization can be obtained by completing an External Billing Authorization form and returning it to the Third Party Billing Office. For further information, visit Third Party billing.

Students Receiving 100% Employer Funding

Students whose employers reimburse 100% of their tuition/fees are eligible to apply for a reimbursement extension whereby payment is not due until the end of the semester, to allow for submission of grades and reimbursement to occur. Note: this extension only applies to those receiving 100% support; it does not apply to students who receive partial support or who are using financial aid to fund part of their program cost. The application form can be found here.

International Students

The University will assess administrative fees to students who hold nonimmigrant visas. These fees include the International Student Engagement fee and the International Student Support Services fee. Sponsored international students will be charged the International Sponsored Student Fee. See One Stop Student Services and navigate to the dropdown entitled "General, service and usage, and other fees" for more information. In addition, international students will be required to purchase University health insurance if they are not covered by a U.S. based employer-sponsored health plan. See the Student Health Benefit Plan for more information.

Regents Scholarship Program for University of Minnesota Employees

All three of TLI's Master of Science programs are covered under the Regents Scholarship Program. The program covers 75% of tuition costs for all eligible University employees. Speak with a TLI admissions associate or visit the University of Minnesota's Regents Scholarship Program for more information.

Due to University of Minnesota policy, University employees using the Regents Scholarship benefit are ineligible to receive any additional financial support from the Technological Leadership Institute, including any of the TLI scholarships.

Contact TLI Admissions

TLI admissions staff is available to answer any questions you have regarding financial aid and scholarships opportunities.
Please contact them with questions at