Marcia Cole

Portrait of Marcia Cole

Marcia Cole

TLI Faculty, Technological Leadership Institute


Master of Science in Security Technologies, Cybersecurity
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Communications, Computer Science
Metropolitan State University - St. Paul MN


Marcia Cole is an information security advocate with a passion for developing and implementing information security management systems and shepherding organizations through regulatory audits. Marcia is a consultant, helping organizations build the right security and governance practices for their unique business and the University of Minnesota Foundation’s Security Analyst. Marcia has extensive experience designing training and internship programs across healthcare, advertising, manufacturing and software development organizations. For more than 20 years, Marcia worked in engineering quality assurance and testing, building Centers of Excellence across organizations to mature quality process improvements in product development.

Alternate Job Roles
Security Analyst, University of Minnesota Foundation

Research Interests
  • Effective communication and training—helping organizations internalize security as part of their culture by meeting people where they are.
  • Benefits of Psychological First Aid at disaster sites


  • Information Security Management System implementation
  • Security training and communications
  • Building quality into the process and the product

M.S. in Security Technologies

Currently Teaching Courses
Security Technologies Internships (ST 8441)
Security Practicum (ST 8440)