TLI Capstone Winner: Jarul Gogri, MDI Program


This spring our TLI Class of 2024 handed out awards for the best capstone projects for each of our three graduate programs: Security Technologies (ST), Medical Device Innovation (MDI) and Management of Technology (MOT). For their capstone projects, when students take what they've learned during their two years in the program and apply it to a real-world business problem. We have been showcasing the capstone winners for each cohort. 
First up is Jarul Gogri, the capstone winner for our Medical Device Innovation program. Here is how Jarul described her project.
Winning the best capstone award for "Innovations in Ostomy Care: Minimizing Leakage and Enhancing Quality of Life" is truly an honor.

My capstone addressed the pervasive challenge of leakage in ostomy care, proposing innovative solutions to enhance patients quality of life. Leveraging my MDI learnings, I conducted comprehensive research and analysis to develop novel approaches to ostomy care. Through diligent effort and collaboration with stakeholders, my project successfully identified gaps in current practices and provided actionable recommendations for improvement. The program's interdisciplinary approach equipped me with a deep understanding of medical device development principles. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, fostering confidence and leadership skills. My journey at TLI has been instrumental in shaping me into a skilled and compassionate healthcare innovator.
Congratulations to Jarul for this honor!