Three Faculty Promoted


Stefano Gonella

Gonella’s interests revolve around the modeling, simulation, and experimental validation of complex dynamical phenomena in structures and materials with unconventional internal geometries. Examples include architected solids, phononic crystals, and mechanical metamaterials. Current efforts explore the application of principles of topological mechanics for the design of metamaterials with unique wave manipulation capabilities.

JIA-LIANG LE, Professor

Jia-Liang Le

Le’s research includes fracture mechanics, probabilistic mechanics, scaling, and structural reliability. Current efforts focus on deterministic and probabilistic modeling of fracture and fatigue of structures made of brittle heterogeneous (quasibrittle) materials. Le strives to provide a deep understanding of quasibrittle materials and to develop a scientific basis for design of various engineering structures.

ALIREZA KHANI, Associate Professor

Alireza Khani

Khani’s research focus is on modeling the impacts of emerging technologies on public transit systems, and optimization of the system for more efficient and reliable service. He uses network modeling and optimization techniques to integrate public transit systems with autonomous mobility on-demand services and electric fleets with renewable energy.