Upper-Division/Declared Major Advising

Upper division students in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering are advised by faculty advisers. The department recognizes the importance of faculty-student interaction, and the advising requirement helps to build a relationship at the program and professional levels.

Career Center for Science and Engineering (CCSE)
The Career Center for Science and Engineering (CCSE) assists College of Science and Engineering (CSE) undergraduates and graduate students in all aspects of the career and job search process. We are dedicated to helping them define and achieve their personal goals.

Why Have an Adviser?

The purpose of the advising meetings is multifold. Advisers can

  • help students understand tools to stay on track to graduate
  • discuss potential technical electives, internships, or research opportunities like UROPs
  • help with career planning including the possibility of graduate school or study abroad
  • tell you about scholarship opportunities and extracurricular opportunities (student organizations, for example)
  • help you find resources on campus available to ensure success with academic and life balance issues
  • provide a letter of recommendation; a letter from a faculty member is often needed for scholarships, employment, or graduate school applications

Thus, it is imperative for students to meet with their faculty adviser to discuss academic interests and career opportunities. 

Students are required to meet with their faculty adviser at least once per semester before registering for classes. An advising hold is placed on each student’s record such that they are not able to register until they have met with their adviser.

NOTE: Probationary status reviews require meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies within your area of study.

Preparing for Your Advising Meeting

Come prepared to your advising meeting to get the most out of your appointment.


Set up appointment ten (10) days prior to the desired meeting time. Contact your faculty adviser and request an appointment. It is your responsibility to make an appointment with your adviser in time for you to register for classes.


Review the requirements and sample programs:


Bring the following materials to your advising appointment:

  • Printout of your APAS report.
  • List of courses you are planning to take the following two semesters. Review the prerequisite hierarchy.
    *Note that required courses are typically offered Fall and Spring semesters, and many technical electives are not offered every year. Plan to take technical elective courses as soon as you have met the required prerequisites.
  • List of technical electives you are considering to complete your technical elective requirements.