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 "I've been telling everyone who will listen that the most growth I’ve had as a person and professionally has been through my involvement in student organizations. A lot of students just do classwork and go home. The classes are I've definitely very valuable. But through my extra-curricular activities I’ve learned event planning, design, project management, leadership, and it’s the main way I have made friends. People who do home-work and go home don’t get that extra experience."

– Justin Babcock, BCE 2022

Several student-run groups offer opportunities for CEGE undergraduate and graduate students to socialize, network, learn about engineering jobs and companies, and get involved in professional activities.

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CEGE Student Groups

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American Public Works Association (APWA)


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Public works or municipal engineering includes transportation engineering, road design, bridge design, stormwater engineering, waste/wastewater treatment and distribution, and urban planning. The APWA student group provides information about career choices within public works; facilitates internships, jobs, and scholarships; and offers career building events, networking, speakers, and technical tours.
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"APWA is a great way to network with peers and professionals in a laidback environment!"
— Olivia Polinsky, Civil Engineering, Class of 2020

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-Of-Way Association (AREMA)

Our purpose is to explore and learn about railroads and engineering-related jobs in the railroad industry.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE UMN)

ASCE helps organize the annual steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions, holds brown-bag sessions during the school year, and is involved in social and professional outreach activities. 

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CEGE Student Ambassadors

Ethan Myers (left) sitting on steps in student lounge; Ali Stone in front of a bookcase

The CEGE Student Ambassadors is a K-12 outreach group that conducts events for visiting schools or students, including building tours and hands-on demonstrations about civil, environmental, and geo- engineering. Interested students contact

"The CEGE Student Ambassadors program has allowed me to apply my passion for STEM outreach and introduce students to civil, environmental, and geo-  engineering. It has also allowed me to become a better leader and communicator."

— Megan McDevitt, Civil Engineering, Class of 2021

Chi Epsilon


UMN Chi Epsilon members

Chi Epsilon is the only civil engineering honor society. There are currently 124 chapters at universities and colleges in the United States.

"I joined this Chi Epsilon because I saw it as a great way to become more connected to the department, as well as to have more volunteer opportunities with my fellow classmates. I'm happy with my choice because I've gotten to know many new people in the department and have had the opportunity to help in the community."

— Eric Elert, Civil Engineering, Class of 2019

Concrete Canoe (part of ASCE UMN)

Three students hold protion of concrete canoe

Concrete Canoe Website

Design, build, and race a canoe made entirely of lightweight concrete — yes, our concrete canoe floats! The team competes against other schools for regional and national titles. To join, sign up for the email list here or contact

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

EERI is devoted to reducing earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering. The UMN student chapter sponsors speakers and events related to earthquake engineering.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) website

EWB gives students an opportunity to work with communities around the world to find low-cost sustainable engineering solutions to community needs.

Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization (ITSO)

 Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization (ITSO) on Facebook


ITSO brings together students and transportation professionals across disciplines. Sign up for the ITSO newsletter for information about upcoming events, scholarships, and internships.

"I joined ITSO so that I could meet other students interested in transportation and have more opportunities to learn about different transportation projects. It's been great to have the opportunity to network with transportation professionals in the area, participate in many different transportation-related tours, and hear about the different branches of transportation like traffic, transit, and railroad."

— Jack Olsson, Civil Engineering Major, 2nd year Master's student

Minnesota Environmental Engineers, Scientists, and Enthusiasts (MEESE)

MEESE students

MEESE brings together students interested in environmental engineering. Contact faculty adviser Tim LaPara ( or contact with any questions. You can also sign up for the MEESE student group email list.

"For the first couple year of college, I had been looking for a student group at the University that focused on issues around my major, and I had yet to find one. Suddenly at the beginning of my Junior year I stumbled upon MEESE, which soon revealed itself to be a community of like-minded individuals who were passionate about environmental solutions, and I knew immediately that it was the organization I had been looking for. Now as an officer of the group I feel that it's my responsibility to guide others who may feel a little lost in their path by offering them a spot in our little niche that we call MEESE."

— Josh Kirk, Environmental Engineering, Class of 2019

Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME)

SME is a professional society that promotes interest in mining, metallurgy, and exploration within the university. The mining industry includes a wide range of engineering professions. Our main goals are to provide a link between students and professionals in the industry, and educate the public on the importance of mining.

Steel Bridge Team (ASCE)

2022 Steel Bridge team with bridge

The Steel Bridge Team designs, fabricates, and builds a 20-foot-long scale model of a bridge entirely out of steel to compete against other schools at an annual competition. Sign up for the email list here or email with any questions.

 UMN ASCE Steel Bridge Team 

Sustainable Solutions (ASCE)

Unleash your creativity to engineer sustainable solutions that address pressing global challenges. Be part of a community dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and shaping a brighter future. Compete against other schools for national titles. To join contact