Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Solving Real-world Problems

"The reason I chose civil engineering as a major came from a bridge from where I’m from in Costa Rica that has always given troubles to the engineers trying to solve it. My take on this is that I want to get the most education I can and eventually solve these types of problems."

— Diego De Bedout, who completed the integrated bachelor’s-master’s program in 2019

Benefits of an Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Program

  • Possible for students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years
  • Streamlined process from the undergraduate to graduate program
  • Flexibility in fulfilling required courses for both degrees in the last year of study as an undergraduate and applying up to 16 graduate credits charged at the undergraduate tuition rate towards their master’s program
  • Eligibility for teaching and research assistantships

Six Integrated Degree Program Options

Each of our three majors can be paired with either a Master's in Civil Engineering or a Master's in Geoengineering, resulting in six options for your Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

  1. Bachelor of Civil Engineering / Master of Science in Civil Engineering BCE/MSCE Sample Plan
  2. Bachelor of Civil Engineering / Master of Science in Geoengineering  BCE/MSGeoE Sample Plan
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Engineering / Master of Science in Civil Engineering BEnvE/MSCE Sample Plan
  4. Bachelor of Environmental Engineering / Master of Science in Geoengineering BEnvE/MSGeoE Sample Plan
  5. Bachelor of Geoengineering / Master of Science in Civil Engineering BGeoE/MSCE Sample Plan
  6. Bachelor of Geoengineering / Master of Science in Geoengineering BGeoE/MSGeoE Sample Plan

Prerequisites/Criteria for Admission

Students will apply through the Graduate School online application system. Including application fee, transcript, statement of purpose, and one letter of recommendation from their undergraduate advisor in CEGE or their research advisor in CEGE if planning on doing an MS plan A or plan B.

  • Only current students in the Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering Undergraduate Program at the University of Minnesota are eligible to apply for this program.
  • Students who are completing their junior year and have flexibility in their senior year to complete the requirements for the BCE/BEnvE/BGeoE degree along with extra course work are eligible to apply. Students must apply at the end of their junior year with the intentions of completing their BCE/BEnvE/BGeoE degree within the following two semesters. There is no double dipping of credits allowed.
  • Applicants must have a 3.3 GPA or higher to be admitted.
  • Students should have a faculty advisor selected prior to admission.
  • GRE/TOEFL are not required.

Degree Progress

Students admitted to the Integrated Bachelor's/Master's program should complete and be awarded an undergraduate degree within 4 years for New High School Students (NHS) and 3 years for New Advanced Standing (NAS) students. Admission will be revoked if awarding of undergraduate degree exceeds 4 years (8 semesters) for New High School students (NHS) and 3 years (6 semesters) for New Advanced Standing (NAS).

Students must complete a minimum of one semester as a registered graduate student before completing master’s program requirements.

The sample plan makes clear how a student could complete the Integrated Bachelor's/Master's program in 5 years.


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