About the Geoengineering Major

Geoengineering deals with the discovery, development, and environmentally responsible production of surface and subsurface earth resources.

Our geoengineering program builds on a strong foundation of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, with courses in both civil engineering and earth sciences, to prepare students for careers in the intersection between natural and built structure. 

Geomechanics Emphasis for Graduate studies

Side of rocky cliff with calculations sketched as an overlay

What you'll study

Geoengineering majors can pursue one of three tracks:  Geoenvironmental, Geofluids, or Georesources

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with degrees in geoengineering may pursue careers in

  • Underground exploration for resources such as oil and gas
  • Underground storage of petroleum and natural gas
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Underground transportation systems
  • Supply of drinking water from groundwater
  • Isolation of nuclear and other hazardous wastes
  • Land reclamation associated with surface or subsurface mining

What can I do with a major in Geoengineering? (PDF)

Experience in the Field

Emily Erhart, geoengineering major, shares

  • how she became interested in geology
  • what she liked about living in the Taylor House
  • her field camp experiences in Dillion, Montana, and northern Minnesota

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