Geomechanics Emphasis

The graduate program in geomechanics at the University of Minnesota focuses on the applications of scientific principles and engineering techniques to the study of soil, rock, and subsurface fluids.

The research of the geomechanics group focuses on the development and use of continuum and discrete theories to model physical phenomena such as material plasticity and fracturing, wave propagation, and fluid transport. Faculty research also focuses on engineering problems related to identification of soils, rocks, groundwater flows, and handling of bulk materials.

Graduate enrollment in the group includes approximately 20 students. The majority of the full-time students are in the Ph.D. program.

Geomechanics Faculty

Faculty with Related Research Interests

1 See also Water Resources Engineering
2 See also Transportation Engineering


Geomechanics Engineering Courses

If you do not have a undergraduate degree in engineering, you might need to take additional courses: (These courses will not count towards your degree)

  • Courses would be based on the individual and what bachelor’s degree that individual has. Please see the research area representative for more information. You can find the research area representative by going to our graduate admissions contact page.

Undergraduate Courses: (Will not count towards graduate degree)

  • CEGE 3301 Soil Mechanics I
  • CEGE 4301 Soil Mechanics II


Advanced Undergraduate Courses/Graduate Courses:

  • CEGE 4121 Computer Applications II
  • CEGE 4311 Rock Mechanics
  • CEGE 4351 Groundwater Mechanics
  • CEGE 4352 Groundwater Modeling
  • CEGE 5341 Wave Methods for Nondestructive Testing
  • CEGE 5342 Introduction to Inverse Problems
  • CEGE 5351 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I
  • CEGE 5411 Applied Structural Mechanics


Advanced Graduate Courses:

  • CEGE 8300 Seminar: Geomechanics
  • CEGE 8321 Thermoporoelasticity
  • CEGE 8336 Boundary Element Methods I
  • CEGE 8341 Wave Propagation in Solids and Structures
  • CEGE 8351 Advanced Engineering Mathematics II
  • CEGE 8352 Advanced Groundwater Mechanics II


Graduate Courses in Related Fields:

  • AEM 5501 Continuum Mechanics
  • AEM 5503 Theory of Elasticity
  • AEM 8527 Pattern Formation and Bifurcation in Materials
  • AEM 8531 Fracture Mechanics
  • AEM 8541 Mechanics of Crystalline Solids
  • AEM 8551 Multiscale Methods for Bridging Length and Time Scales
  • BMEN 8101 Biomedical Digital Signal Processing
  • CEGE 5411 Applied Structural Mechanics
  • CEGE 8401 Fundamental of Finite Elemental Method
  • CEGE 8402 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
  • CEGE 8413 Fracture and Scaling
  • CEGE 8421 Structural Dynamics