About the Civil Engineering Major

Roads, bridges, skyscrapers, dams, water supply systems, pollution control, airports, railroads, and other key elements of our modern infrastructure — civil engineers play a key role in developing and maintaining them all.

The complexity of these systems requires innovative engineers who are capable of applying the best and newest technologies to the ever-increasing needs of a modern society.

Within the Civil Engineering major, students can choose to emphasize in one of these areas: Construction, Environmental, Geomechanics, Municipal, Structures, Transportation, or Water Resources

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Stone arch bridge with engineering calculations and sketches overlaid

What You'll Study

The civil engineering major offers a broad-based engineering curriculum with opportunities to take elective courses in environmental engineering, geomechanics, structures, transportation, or water resources.

Solving Real-world Problems

Diego de Bedout, civil engineering major, talks about:

  • Using his degree to solve engineering problems in his native Costa Rica.
  • Getting involved in student groups.
  • The many opportunities available for CSE students to build relationships.

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