Share Your Expertise

*Post a job or internship

Host a Site Visit at Your Workplace or Project Site

Show CEGE students what a career in Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering is like!

Site visits give students an opportunity to gain greater insights into your organization and to see industry projects firsthand. Hosting a site visit is a terrific opportunity to educate students about current or future opportunities your organization may have for them!

Mentor a CEGE Student

  1. CSE Mentor Program
  2. CEGE Career Prep & Mentor Program | Summer 2020 During the summer of 2020, there was much uncertainty for CEGE students due to COVID-19. In response, 26 industry professionals stepped up to mentor the next generation of civil, environmental, and geo- engineers. Students received mentorship in their academic field of interest and attended career preparation workshops led by the CSE Career Center. CEGE plans to continue this program in Summer 2021.

Participate in the Capstone Design Course

Capstone Design is a team-based, experiential learning opportunity for all CEGE majors during their final year of the program. Teams, with the guidance of an industry mentor, solve a current, or past, engineering problem.

We’d love to have you as a capstone design mentor!

Speak in a Class

Professors use industry speakers in courses to reiterate course content or expose students to industry opportunities.

Serve on the CEGE Advisory Board

CEGE’s vision is inspired and innovative engineering for society. Our duties and challenges in that vision are significant, requiring broad perspectives and wide collaboration.

The CEGE Advisory Board is composed of alumni engineer-advisors that meet regularly to discuss and help advance initiatives of the department, advise department leadership, and help ensure the relevance of CEGE graduates in industry and practice.